How to take vitamin E pregnant

Vitamin E is present in the composition of many products. Add to salads and cereals various vegetable oils - sunflower, olive, corn. A large amount of this vitamin in the liver, eggs, milk, sea buckthorn, buckwheat, as well as wheat germ and soybeans. If in the intervals between meals you really want to eat something, it is better if it is either a light salad of greens, seasoned with vegetable oil, or nuts, which also have a lot of this vitamin.
Try to keep your weight normal. A useful vitamin accumulates in fatty tissues, so if you decide to lose weight, its reserves will go out of the body, and if you accumulate excess weight, you may have an overabundance, which is also harmful.
Take a vitamin in the morning after a meal. On an empty stomach can not drink it! Vitamins in capsules can be washed down only with water, but not with milk, carbonated water, juices or coffee. It is very cautious to take vitamin intake during treatment with any medication - be sure to consult your doctor.It is also important to ensure that there are no allergies.
Be careful when you use anticoagulants along with vitamin A or preparations containing iron and vitamin K. This combination worsens blood clotting. Tocopherol (vitamin E) enhances the action of hormonal and anti-inflammatory drugs.