How to shrink hands?

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How to shrink hands?

The desire to reduce the volume of the arms is usually inherent in women, as powerful, relief biceps are more adornment for men, and ladies want to open slender and graceful hands to the world. That is why the problem areas for them are not always limited to the abdomen, thighs or legs. Flabby muscles and shoulder skin can seriously ruin the overall impression of the silhouette. To reduce the volume of hands, you can resort to diets, exercises, massage, or liposuction.


Liposuction is a fat pumping operation; many famous personalities and ordinary people resort to it. Of course, a change in the state of the hands occurs in this case quickly and practically without any effort on your part, and if you are ready for such a procedure, contact a good center for plastic surgery. However, please note that the operation is performed under general anesthesia and requires testing and preliminary preparation. Be sure to check with specialists what side effects are possible.

Slimming and Diet

Most fitness instructors and nutritionists agreeit is almost impossible to lose weight locally, so you have to reduce the total body fat in order to get rid of excess volume of arms.

To do this, you need to revise your diet, you can resort to the so-called drying - the power system aimed at reducing the percentage of body fat. However, be careful, you should first examine this issue, and do not reduce the amount of fat in the diet below 30-40 grams per day.

In parallel, you should reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, significantly increasing the amount of protein in food. Such a power system assumes that you will not sit on the couch, but plan intensive workouts several times a week.

Hand exercises

After losing weight, many women lose their upper body attractiveness: the skin sags ugly, the muscles become flabby, and the armpit area looks, to put it mildly, unpresentable. To get rid of such a problem, it is better, having made a decision to reduce weight, immediately begin training flexor and extensor muscles. About what exercises will be useful, read in this article: How to make beautiful hands.

Please note that the biceps usually comes in a tone faster because it is used more often in everyday life, so pay special attention to the triceps (back of the hands). Here you will be helped by controlled extensions, that is, by holding on to any exercise, perform movements consciously slowly, feeling the muscles tighten.

Massage and special products

To tighten the skin of the hands, use massage. It would be ideal if you use the help of a specialist or at least some of your relatives, but you can do the massage yourself. Instead of the usual massage oil, use special means to increase skin elasticity, thoroughly knead and rub the surface of the hands before tingling occurs, then take a contrast shower.