How to sew sequins?

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How to sew sequins?

To decorate clothes in the form of ornaments with sequins, you need to buy a set of this type of pearl or matte shade decoration. Also for embroidery you will need special needles for embroidery and threads for sewing in tune with sequins or contrasting tones.

To sequins, decorating the product, lay neatly, it is important to properly sew them.

Sewing sequins in the form of "scales"

How to sew sequins, if you want to arrange them in a row? For example, if you decide to embroider letters with iridescent “scales”, it is better to use the popular back needle stitch. The process of sewing paillettes in the form of "scales" is as follows:

  1. Mark the intended ornament or pattern on the surface to be embroidered with a washable or disappearing marker (for dark fabrics, you can use chalk or a remnant). So it will be more convenient for you in the process of work not to stray "out of the way."
  2. Insert the needle with thread from the inside on the front side.
  3. Insert the needle into the first sequin face up.Paillettes
  4. Stitch back to the distance of the seam radius.
  5. Put the needle on the front side in line with the previous stitch in a step length with the diameter of the previous sequin.
  6. Again, thread the needle through the new sequin. Thus, the new sequin overlaps the previous one.
  7. Continue to sew in the same order from right to left until the desired pattern is released.

How to sew sequins seam continuous

Now try to understand how to sew a sequin in one row with an even continuous seam. To do this, follow our instructions:

  1. Insert the needle into the base of the embroidered canvas (dresses, blouses) from the insidePaillettesfront side.
  2. Now thread the needle into the sequin.
  3. Go back to the distance of the sequin radius using the stitch “back needle”, bringing the needle to the wrong side to the right of the first sequin.
  4. Then bring the needle to the front side to the left of the first sequin.
  5. Now insert the needle into the center of the first sequin on the seamy side, and output to the front one through a step the length of the diameter of the sequin while simultaneously strung the next sequin.
  6. Use the stitches “back needle” and “forward needle” from point 3 to point 5 until you are finished embroidering.

A quick way to sew sequins

There is also a method of sewing sequins, which is considered the most simple and fast. For this you need beads and a needle for beads (it is thinner and with a smaller eyelet). Here is how it is done:

  1. Insert the needle with the thread from the inside out on the front side, strung on the first needlePaillettessequin
  2. Then put a bead on the needle.
  3. Now pull the needle with the thread on the wrong side. So quickly managed to sew the first sequin.
  4. Then, using the stitch "forward needle", move along the seamy side and bring the needle to the front side to sew a second sequin. Repeat steps 1-3.