How to restore the broken powder?

Broken powder is a great nuisance, which can lead to despair and become a blow to the budget, albeit a small one, but still. But do not get upset, throw away seemingly spoiled cosmetic and rush to the store for a new one. Powder can be restored.

What will become of the powder if it is broken?

Compact powder is a must have and a real wand for many women of the fair sex: it is simple and convenient to use, does not take up much space and is characterized by economical consumption. But if it falls on a solid surface, even from a small height, it will instantly lose its original properties. The structure of the tool will be broken, the pressed composition will disintegrate into pieces, and it will be impossible to type and apply it with a sponge or brush. The same thing after the fall will happen with other similar means, such as rouge or shadows.

Restoring the broken powder

How can you quickly restore the seemingly completely damaged and condemned to death through broken bin powder? Make it possible, and at home in two ways.Each method will be discussed in detail.

Method one

If you decide to use this method, then prepare high-quality ethyl alcohol with a strength of at least 70%, a plastic bag or food film, a spoon, a cotton pad or a paper napkin, if desired, a flat rounded object (for example, a coin or a lid from a five-liter bottle), and also directly affected by the powder itself.


  1. Take the powder and place it in a bag or wrap it with cling film so as not to contaminate the table or other work surface during manipulations. If you have a tight bag with a convenient and reliable zip-clasp, take it.
  2. Now your task is to crush compact powder into pieces as much as possible. At first glance it may seem that this way you completely spoil it, but in fact this stage will allow you to return the product to its original state. Therefore, treat it responsibly and crush the powder carefully so that there is no lump left. For such actions, you can use a spoon, the back of a pencil or the handle of a small knife.
  3. Now remove the bag or film and once again carefully crumble the powder to remove all even small lumps.
  4. Next, add some alcohol to the crumbled powder. Its quantity will depend on the volume of the cosmetic: for a small package, one third or half of a tablespoon will suffice, and if the product is packaged in a large container, add 1.5 tablespoons. But it is better to determine the amount in the process: the powder should be completely wet, but do not pour it. If you accidentally add more than you need, then just soak up the excess with a napkin or cotton pad.
  5. When the alcohol soaks the powder, mix everything thoroughly.
  6. Next came the alignment phase. If you want a perfect surface, level it with a flat, rounded object. And to add a bit of texture, draw on the composition with a cotton disc or paper napkin. You can also use your own finger for alignment, pre-covering the tool with a film.
  7. Now leave the powder in the open state all night. During this time, the alcohol will completely evaporate and, as it were, seal and compress the composition, giving it the original texture.

Second way

This method can be used by owners of sensitive and delicate skin, who are worried about the fact that alcohol will irritate and dry. In addition, if the powder is placed in a metal container glued to the case, then this method will be particularly effective. You will need an iron, a spoon, a packet, a sharp object and broken powder.

Description of the recovery process:

  1. Preheat the iron, turning it on the maximum temperature.
  2. While the appliance is heated and heated, use powder. It, like in the first described method, must be thoroughly crushed. Place the product in a bag and chop with a spoon or any other object with a hard end.
  3. Now you need to remove from the case a metal container, otherwise under the influence of strong heating plastic, which is usually made packaging for cosmetics, just melted or strongly deformed. To remove it, pry the container with a powder with a thin knife or other sharp object and carefully separate it from the base. And in order not to scatter the powder, you can first move it into a bag, and then return it, grinding again to remove lumps.
  4. Tamp the composition and level it in any way described above: with a spoon, a lid, a finger or a coin.
  5. Turn off the iron and make sure that steam and water spray functions are turned off. In general, it is better to completely remove it from the container to avoid accidental contact with the powder.
  6. Now place the iron with the sole on the container with the powder and press it down with your hand for fifteen seconds. Then, for a few moments, lift the device and return it to its original position and apply pressure for fifteen seconds. The heat penetrates into the structure of the product and literally fuses and reliably connects its particles, restoring the compact powder and returning its original characteristics.
  7. Let the powder cool, and then process the container with glue from the back side and glue it to the bottom of the case.


Finally, a few recommendations:

  • To clean a powder-stained case, you can use a cotton swab dipped in water or a clean, thin brush from an old eyeliner. Removing residues from narrow holes will help a toothpick. Mirror should be simply wiped with a damp cloth, and then dry.
  • If the packaging is damaged and broken, then you can try gluing it together with superglue. But you can move the product to the container from another fully used cosmetic. If there is none, then take a flat jar of cream, although it will not be very convenient to use it, as it most likely has a screw cap and does not have a mirror.
  • Instead of ethyl alcohol, you can take isopropyl. But do not replace it with acetone or solvent: such agents are harmful to the skin and can cause undesirable reactions.
  • If the described actions did not help, the expiry date of the money may have expired, and it should be accurately thrown away.

Broken powder is not a problem, and now you can easily and quickly restore it yourself.

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