How to remove the stain from the paper?

Julia Martynyuk
Julia Martynyuk
February 8, 2013
How to remove the stain from the paper?

How many minor troubles can haunt us in a day! It would seem that a very insignificant wave of the hand and now failure has befallen us - coffee, or other drinks are spilled on too important documents. Or a small child took the dirty book with unwashed fingers. Some slut left fat prints on your favorite detective story. Oh, yes, these situations are just a huge amount. But do not panic, because to remove a greasy stain from paper, as well as stains from tea, coffee and ink, is absolutely real. For this you need:

  • A bowl of good depth and width,
  • Paper towels,
  • Table vinegar,
  • Wax paper,
  • Chlorine bleach,
  • Iron,
  • Dry clay in powder form,
  • Hydrogen peroxide.

Coffee stains

Take a bowl and mix in it 0.25 liters of water and 0.75 liters of table vinegar. If you have cuvettes (plastic containers in which photographs are shown), use them instead of a bowl. Saturate dirty pages well, for this purpose completely submerge them in water with vinegar.With the pages out of the solution, lightly blot them with a white paper towel. Change the paper to dry when it starts to get wet. Bring the page to almost dry.

How to remove the stain from the paper, if it left small traces? Take chlorine bleach and water, mix them (1/3 and 2/3). Use your old toothbrush. It should be well dried and soft. Wet the brushes in the solution and rub the stain with it, but only very carefully. Moisture is also removed with a paper towel. Now take two sheets of wax paper and place the pages of the document between them. Iron it all with a low temperature iron.

Tea stains

Dilute hydrogen peroxide with water (1: 2 ratio). Dip the documents or book pages into this solution, wait until they are soaked. Then mix equally distilled water and calcium hydroxide to rinse with this paper mixture. Next you need to do everything the same as in the case of coffee stains, that is, to dry the pages with paper towels, wipe the stains with chlorine solution, soak and dry through wax paper with a warm iron.

Fat spots

To remove stubborn grease stains, you will need white dry clay in powder form. This clay must be diluted with water (1: 1 ratio). Add water slowly, and a little bit, constantly stirring. In the end, should get pasta, thick consistency.

This paste and save you from greasy stains. Put it on them and wait for the paste to dry (about 5 hours). After drying, take a paper towel or a soft toothbrush to remove the clay from the pages. Put the treated paper in folded paper towels, and leave it there for 24 hours. Now you know how to remove the stain from the paper from fat, tea or coffee.