How to remove spoilage of salt?

Irina Vashchenko
Irina Vashchenko
May 27, 2015
How to remove spoilage of salt?

If you have good reason to suspect that you or your family were a secret adversary who doesn’t shun black magic, has caused damage, or you have been accidentally jinxed, you can, of course, contact the village grandmother or the city witch for help . But it’s not at all necessary to resort to their services, because you can completely remove the damage you have done yourself, the main thing is not to delay this matter and begin energy cleansing as early as possible, while the damage has not yet managed to thoroughly weaken your aura.

The simplest and at the same time very effective way of removing the evil eye and spoilage at home is to get rid of them with the help of ordinary kitchen salt.

How to remove the damage and the evil eye salt

This method is based on the unique property of salt to absorb all the magical energy, both positive and negative.
The rite of removing the damage should be carried out on a clear night, when the stars are visible in the sky.

  1. When the time is nearing midnight, go to the kitchen, take a clean aluminum or cast iron skillet and place it on the stove.
  2. When the pan heats up well, with your left hand, scoop a handful of salt from the pack and throw it into the pan.
  3. Heat salt in a frying pan and at the same time keep saying: “Is there a person in the world who wants and does evil to me?”
  4. If the salt in the pan slowly turns yellow and does not make any sounds - you have no reason to worry, the damage to you is only an example. If, during calcining, the salt begins to smoke, to crack very hard, from time to time to “explode”, the stinking smoke comes out of it, it means that all your suspicions were true, then someone has really damaged you.
  5. To get rid of it, take the pan, go outside with it and pour the “dirty” salt into the running water or under the roots of the tree.
  6. Then raise your head, look at the sky, and slowly turning clockwise, in a whisper, count 21 stars in the sky.
  7. After that, ask heaven to return all evil to the one who sent it to you, and go home to sleep.

Most likely, you will sleep badly this night, you will be disturbed by nightmares, perhaps you will see your ill-wisher in them too, but with the first rays of the sun all night terrors will disappear and you will feel a clear relief.

The whole next day, try not to communicate with anyone and do not give anything to anyone and do not lend.