How to remove bruises?

There may be a great number of prerequisites for the appearance of a hematoma (bruise) on our body. Bruises (household, sports, criminal), darkening of the skin under the eyes, medical (traces of numerous injections), all this destruction of the subcutaneous capillaries, in the place of which accumulated fluid. Ways to solve the problem of how to remove bruises, there are many both medical and folk. Let's try in a sea of ​​recipes to choose the most effective.

Therapy at the time of hematoma

If circumstances and improvised means allow, after the appearance of a hematoma, it is advisable to immediately apply ice or a frozen product from the refrigerator (having previously wrapped it with gauze) to the injury site. Keep no more than 15-20 minutes to not get frostbite tissue. How to remove bruises? It is necessary not to take medications, blood thinning (aspirin, etc.). Use ibuprofen for pain relief.

Recovery period

Ice and Fire! This sentence very accurately describes the process of how to quickly remove a bruise. For this you can use home remedies and popular advice.After a day, you need to start warming up the injury site. Warming up is best done with warm salt or compresses. The procedure is carried out at least three times a day. An iodine mesh applied to the injury site will fight the bruise throughout the night. The properties of iodine will help to quickly degrade the products, slightly warm the bruise at night. Do not be lazy, apply procedures in the complex, and you can remove the bruise at home in a short time.

Bruises need a vegetable diet

In a complex with warming up it is good to use the attachment of a cabbage leaf. Mashed cabbage leaf applied to the bruise several times a day, so that vegetable juice covered the area of ​​injury. Also a wonderful vegetable remedy is onions. Slice a half of an onion with oil of sunflower and rub a bruise with circular movements. Here's another way to quickly remove the bruise!

Bruise from a blow

Fortunately, bruises bring us only discomfort from their presence, without breaking the usual rhythm of life. How to remove the bruise from the blow, if you need to go to work every day. In this case, you need to use pharmacy drugs.Ointments and balms are considered to be practical, such as: “rescuer”, “sos”, “troxevasin”. They must be applied frequently, every 2-3 hours, but this leads to a grateful result.

How to remove bruises under the eyes

The causes of bruising under the eyes can be different: lack of sleep, chronic fatigue and stress, impaired renal function and liver. But how many causes of bruises, and many ways that can tell how to remove bruises under the eyes.

Cosmetic method - apparatus massage in beauty salons, where cosmetologists conduct outflow of fluid from accumulated places. The procedure is long-term and requires certain financial resources.

At home, you can remove bruises under the eyes with the use of masks from natural ingredients.

  • Mask of potatoes (mix grated potatoes with milk and flour, put on bruises and hold for 20 minutes).
  • Mask of cucumber, sour cream and cilantro seeds (crush seeds and cucumber, mix with sour cream and hold on face for 15 minutes).

After applying any kind of mask, the face must be thoroughly rinsed with warm water and spread with a moisturizing cream.

There are a lot of folk recipes, try using tried and tested!