How to relax

Under the influence of stressful situations, a “muscular corset” is formed in a person. Continuously tense muscles excite the human brain even more, closing the circle “brain-muscle-brain”, which can be broken and, consequently, improved by using muscle relaxation or in other words relaxation.
Muscle relaxation is incompatible with feelings such as anxiety, anxiety, and stress. It is for this reason that muscle relaxation makes it possible to bring tense consciousness into full balance. The results of regular and well-conducted relaxation are staggering: this is high performance, and good mood, and inner confidence, and peace of mind. Having mastered the method of relaxation, you can get rid of the emerging tension at any time, thereby ensuring the prevention of stress, neurosis and depression.
Master relaxation while lying down. This is the most acceptable position for beginners.You can later learn the exercises for relaxation in other positions: sitting, standing, while walking. Relax in a private room alone. So it will be easier to concentrate. Include relaxing music or provide complete silence depending on your preferences.
Lie on the floor, place your legs and arms apart, tilt your head back up, close your eyes. Inhale and exhale deeply for ten minutes, uttering to yourself the following words: “I calm down and relax.”
Imagine how on the inhale the whole body fills the fresh, cool air filled with solar glow, and on the exhale warm air. Direct the imaginary heat alternately to the face, arms and legs, helping yourself to relax. Imagine how heavy the body is.
Try alternately tightening the muscles of your entire body in turn from top to bottom for five seconds for each muscle group (for example, neck, chest, arms, stomach, legs), and then relax them for five seconds. Tighten the muscles of the forehead and the upper part of the head, which is under the scalp. Try to drastically relieve tension and relax.Squint your eyes, wrinkle your nose, hold tension for five seconds, then completely relax. Feel the new sensations, remember them.