How to register with the tax?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
February 26, 2015
How to register with the tax?

To carry out legitimate economic activities, the owners of the company must undergo a series of mandatory procedures. Of course, an organization can do without a formal approach to registration if it does not intend to build long-term prospects. Among such procedures distinguish tax registration. And how to register with the tax service novice entrepreneur, will tell the article.

Registration procedure

The preliminary stage in the registration procedure is the choice of the form of business by the owner. This may be the creation of individual entrepreneurship, a legal entity, and also separately allocate farms. It is by this principle that it will be easier to collect the necessary documents in the next stages.

At the moment, the task of registration in tax is simplified due to the possibility to do it in electronic form. Consider a phased sequence of actions.

  1. First you need to register for full-time admission to a specific tax office (it can be at the place of registration or at the place of permanent residence).
  2. Formation of a package of documents for the appropriate form of business. The list is also presented to the FTS.
  3. After the package of documents is completed, it can be submitted to the service: in person, through a trusted or electronically. There is also the possibility of paying the state duty through the site and filling in the application form for the creation.
  4. The documents are filed, and the FTS takes them for consideration. The review period is usually one calendar week. After that, you should receive a response to the feedback.

There are nuances when registering an LLC, which can also be found on the FTS website.