How to redo gas 3110

Start with the look. This type of tuning is most available for independent execution. To begin, leave the exterior standard, slightly modifying it. Put the chrome tip of the exhaust pipe, aerodynamic lining on the wings, the air intake on the hood and the legendary figure of a deer. If this is not enough, install the front and rear spoiler, rear wing, change the halogen headlights to xenon, put the cast or forged wheels with low profile tires, another grille.
By installing an aerodynamic body kit, you will comprehensively solve the problem of changing the appearance in the same style. The kit includes a new body kit bumper, moldings, lining the wings and sills, spoilers and other details. Choosing such a set, focus on your taste and financial capabilities. If the goal is only to improve the exterior, buy lightweight plastic body kits.
Apply airbrushing to add exclusivity and personality to the car.The machine will always and everywhere stand out from the general stream. In addition, originally painted cars do not like car thieves as too noticeable and easily recognizable.
When reworking the cabinGAZ-3110Install a more powerful and high-quality speaker system. If desired, fill the trunk fully or partially with powerful speakers and subwoofers. To give the car a comfortable limousine, cover the seats with leather or other high-quality materials, improve the interior lighting using LEDs. The dashboard and the center console with minimal changes suitable from the "Mercedes Benz W140". If you want to give the cabin a sporty style, install sports seats, steering wheel and dashboard.
Go to the most difficult stage - the alteration of the technical part. To modify the engine, install a modern filter of zero resistance, spend chip tuning. To improve the reliability of the ignition system and the power supply, replace the parts of these systems with the original Bosch. It was these that stood on the first ZMZ-406 engines, for which they are valued. Install the turbocharger by contacting a specialized tuning company.
You will achieve great results by completely replacing the engine with a motor from a foreign car. The homebuilders have the most popular Mercedes engines, in specialized firms, the units are manufactured by Toyota and Rover. Independently changing the engine, consider replacing the complete with the gearbox. Perhaps it will be more expensive, but somewhat easier to install. In addition, you can get an automatic box instead of the standard mechanical.
To improve the softness of the course and stability on the highway, replace the suspension assembly with imported, from the old foreign cars of a similar class and design. For this you need a good welding machine and a wide range of plumbing tools. In the absence of opportunities for such alterations, limit the replacement of shock absorbers. Modify the brake system by changing the rear brake mechanisms disc.