How to quickly get rid of the cold folk remedies

Everyone was faced with a runny nose, the appearance of which is preceded by hypothermia, cold or penetration of the virus into the body. At first glance, the disease seems harmless. In any case, it is useful to know how to quickly get rid of the cold with folk remedies at home.

In some people, a runny nose ends quickly without the use of drugs, in others it develops into chronic sinusitis. Fortunately, folk remedies help even people who are not recommended to take drugs.

If you put off the treatment of rhinitis in the back burner, it will become a source of discomfort. We are talking about difficulty breathing, discharge, bringing discomfort, poor sleep, due to nasal congestion.

If you run a cold or not to complete a cure, it will go into sinusitis - a more serious disease whose treatment involves the use of antibiotics.

Effective folk remedies

Start a runny nose with the appearance of dryness, itching or burning in the nose. At this stage, the easiest way to get rid of. Using tips and time-tested folk remedies, quickly restore health without harming the body.

  • Warm up the body. A hot bath based on healing herbs will help, including sage, mint and eucalyptus. The oils found in plants have a beneficial effect on the mucosa and strengthen the immune system. It is useful to add sea salt to the bath.
  • Footbaths based on mustard powder. The procedure is carried out at bedtime. Always wear warm socks before going to bed on your feet.
  • Eggs and potatoes. Traditional medicine allows you to cope with a runny nose without costs. Attach boiled eggs or boiled potatoes in the uniform to the sinuses. Do this several times throughout the day.
  • Nasal flushing and inhalation. For inhalation, calendula flowers, pine buds, raspberry leaves and essential oils are suitable. For inhalation, boil three liters of water, add six spoons of pine buds to boiling water, hold the broth under the lid and perform the procedure.Bend over the dishes with the broth and breathe in pairs.
  • Essential oils. Fight with the common cold taken oil from eucalyptus, St. John's wort or oregano. Add a few drops of oil to the hot water and inhale the vapor.
  • Vegetable oil. Heat the oil in a glass dish. As a result, harmful substances will evaporate from the oil. After that, add four slices of garlic and chopped quarter onion to the cooled oil. After three hours, saturated with useful substances, strain the oil and use it to lubricate the nose.
  • . A universal remedy against the common cold. Squeeze the juice from the plant leaf and use for instillation of the nose. If a cold has appeared in a child, dilute aloe juice slightly with water.
  • . Honey, which I recommend to mix with the plant's juice, helps to increase the effectiveness of treatment with the use of aloe. Mix warm water, honey and juice in equal proportions and wait for the yellow component to dissolve. Bury your nose with the drug.

Popular recipes and ways that I shared, will come to the aid at any time of the year. If you keep them close at hand, the disease will not be taken by surprise.

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These methods will help save, because the cost of pharmaceutical preparations affordable can not be called.Fighting the common cold with folk methods is the best treatment option, since the products that I suggest to use are safe for the body and do not provoke side effects.

How to cure a cold at home for 1 day

There are many ways to deal with the common cold. Some provide for the use of purchased medicines, others are based on folk remedies. Since the first-aid kit does not always find a suitable drug, let's talk about the methods of treating the common cold, suggested by traditional medicine.

The rate of complete recovery depends on the conditions in which the patient is. It is about cool air, moderate humidity, plentiful drink and airing the room. Performing these items helps to return the breath to normal.

  1. Nose wash. The procedure is unpleasant, but effective. Rinse the nose three times a day using a solution based on sea salt. A teaspoonful of the substance is dissolved in a glass of water. After one nostril, draw in the solution, and pour through another nostril or mouth. Blow yourself a good nose at the end.
  2. Laundry soap. In the process of washing, wash your nose with soap.This is an excellent therapeutic and prophylactic agent.
  3. Onion compresses. Pass the bulb through the grater, and put the onion mass on a wet napkin. Compress attach to the nose for fifteen minutes, covered with warm material. Repeat the procedure after 4-5 hours.
  4. Baths for feet. Take a kettle, boil water and pour into a basin. After cooling the liquid to a temperature of 50 degrees, gently lower your legs into the water and hold it for fifteen minutes. After the procedure, thoroughly wipe your feet and put on socks. Remember, soaring your feet in high temperatures is prohibited, as it only hurts.
  5. Aloe juice. For cooking, take an aloe leaf, rinse, cut along and squeeze out the juice. The resulting liquid is diluted with water and mixed. With the aid of a pipette, drip down your nose. I recommend storing the medicine in a refrigerator in a glass opaque container.

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People suffer from a runny nose on average about five days, completely cure a cold in one day will not work, you can only improve your health.

Treatment of rhinitis in the child folk remedies

The list of childhood diseases is extensive, and one of the leading positions is a runny nose. In children of different ages, the disease is common.Parents, watching the torment of the offspring, trying to quickly eliminate the causes and symptoms of the disease.

Step-by-step instructions, which I will share, envisage the use of folk remedies, and the treatment procedure is safe for the child.

  • Garlic and sea salt. At the initial stage of the disease, hang a bag of crushed garlic over the baby’s bed or sofa to scare off germs. Prepare a sterile solution based on sea salt and use a pipette to drip your nose. This will accelerate the exit of mucus from the nasal passage.
  • Regular nasal wash. This will help maintain the purity of the nose and contribute to the rapid elimination of the disease. If your child has difficulty breathing or swelling of the nasal cavity, use vasoconstrictor drops.
  • Suction of mucus. From time to time with the help of a pear suck mucus from a child’s nose. The method is particularly effective in the case of children who are not able to blow their own nose. Upon completion of cleaning the nose, drip drops.
  • Cleaning and tea. In the room in which the child is located, constantly do wet cleaning and airing. Water your baby regularly with warm tea to restore fluid balance in the body.If purulent mucus appears in the nasal passages, use Protargol drops.
  • Inhalation and pillow. At bedtime, raise the baby's pillow a little. As a result, the head will be in a position that facilitates breathing. Before this, make inhalations on the basis of "asterisk" and cover the baby with a warm blanket.
  • . Aloe helps to cope with children's cold. Squeeze the sap of the plant dilute with water, and the resulting solution drip both nostrils. For one part of the aloe juice, take ten parts of boiled water.
  • Infusions of healing herbs. It is recommended to wash the nose of a sick child with a runny nose with an infusion of sage, chamomile, plantain or calendula. In herbal infusion, add eucalyptus, peach or sea buckthorn oil. Herbs insist on a glass of boiling water, and after cooling it is used for washing the nose.
  • Evening bath before bed. For the procedure will require infusion of pine needles and birch leaves. Pour two liters of water into a saucepan, add a spoonful of each component, boil for five minutes, and after an hour of infusion, pour it into a basin and dilute to 40 degrees. The duration of the procedure is twenty minutes.After the baby put to sleep.

Carefully monitor the health of children and do not let them hurt. The main thing is that the child should be dressed in accordance with the weather, not drink cold water and not feel hunger.

How to cure a cold during pregnancy

Everyone on the planet understands that during pregnancy, use the majority of medications is contraindicated. And even a runny nose often becomes a serious problem.

Do not worry, help with the ailment help improvised funds, which are absolutely harmless.

Runny nose is the result of an allergic reaction or exposure to microorganisms on the mucous membrane. Finding out the cause is itself problematic. Therefore, women in the position is recommended to consult a doctor. Only he will prescribe a harmless treatment for the fetus.

If there is no possibility to address in clinic, struggle with disease independently, after all inactivity will do much more harm. The same is true for cough.

  1. Inhalation. Quickly deal with microbes and eliminate nasal congestion with inhalation. Breathe in pairs of boiled potatoes or soda-based solution.If the smell of eucalyptus does not cause nausea, add a couple of drops of essential oil to the boiling water.
  2. Drops of onion. Pass the bulb through the grater, and from the resulting mass squeeze the juice, which is diluted with water in proportions of 1 to 1 and using a pipette, drip nose. With the help of onion juice, eliminate congestion and overcome the disease, because it consists of volatile production.
  3. Aloe juice. Take a leaf of aloe, rinse and squeeze the juice. Bleed your nose with the resulting fluid. Aloe will not provide a vasoconstrictor effect, but will speed recovery.
  4. Warming balm. Apply ointment on the bridge of the nose and whiskey. The composition includes essential oils that facilitate breathing. Use warming agents carefully since there is a risk of intolerance to the components.
  5. Drops. In extreme cases, use vasoconstrictor drops. Be sure to consult a doctor and get the opinion of a gynecologist before taking them. Only he will determine the feasibility of using medicines.

No matter how much discomfort and discomfort a rhinitis brings, do not use medicines that are not approved by your doctor. Incorrect actions will harm the child.It is useful to get acquainted with the article how to treat the tonsils.

Prevention of rhinitis

No matter what remedy you use, remember, the common cold is a disease caused by an infection. For this reason, to avoid self-infection, which will adversely affect the results of treatment, it is recommended to use clean handkerchiefs and take measures to protect against secondary infection.

If it is cold outside, cut several cloves of garlic to prevent the disease, put it on a plate and leave it indoors. As a result, the room will be filled with phytoncides that microbes are afraid of. Garlic sniff your nose, breathing out your mouth.

When there are signs of illness, take a breath of warm dry air, make a hot foot bath. Drink infusion of a mixture of herbs thyme, lime flowers, marigold, raspberries and dogrose.

It's great if you immediately visit the bath and sweat, and after rubbing your breast with a mixture of horseradish and radish in equal proportions with the addition of salt and honey. After the bath, drink lime, chamomile or berry tea. It helps to use a decoction of raspberries or strawberries.

Temper the body. Will help the Russian or Finnish sauna.Parrot with a broom and try to sweat as much as possible.

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Persons who constantly suffer from a runny nose, I advise you to daily suck in salted water into your nose and wash your sinuses with fermented beetroot broth. To quickly prevent the onset of a cold helps and honey inhalation. Pour a glass of water into the kettle, add four tablespoons of honey, wait for dissolution and bring the liquid to a boil. Wear a rubber tube on the spout of the kettle and carefully inhale the vapors. The method is suitable for children.