How to put a picture on the picture?

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How to put a picture on the picture?

Suppose we want to put your photo on the background of nature or make an interesting postcard-collage for a birthday - anyway, we need to put a photo on the picture. In this case, Photoshop can help us; More information about this method is described in the article How to apply a picture in Photoshop (Photoshop). And in this article we will explain how to put a picture on your photo.

How to put a picture on the photo

Algorithm overlay pictures on the photo

  1. Open in Photoshop photo and future framing. We will work mainly with the frame.
  2. We adjust both pictures in size. It is important that both files have the same resolution.
  3. Copy the entire frame and paste it into the photo. This will be the second layer, which will not harm our photo.
  4. In the picture-framing we select the middle with the expectation that in this middle everything necessary from the photo fits. You can select just the shape of an oval, rectangle, or circle, but this is boring.It is much more interesting to make figure framing, i.e. follow the lines of the picture, outlining every blade of grass, a piece of paper along the edge. You can even release a beautiful branch from above on a photo, and from the bottom allow you to close part of the image to a flower. To select in this case, use the tool "Magnetic Lasso".
  5. Cut out the selected middle. Under it opens our photo.

The second way to overlay pictures - "Quick mask"

To superimpose a picture on another picture, for example, to combine two photos, you can use the Quick Mask. This method is different from what is described in the article How to insert a picture into a picture in Photoshop.

  1. Open image 1 and image 2.
  2. In picture 2, enable the Quick Mask mode.
  3. Apply a gradient from black to white. The white color is transparent, black is not, the transitional tones will be translucent to varying degrees. In the picture, black will be displayed with red transitions, this should not be embarrassing: the redder, the more transparent for another picture.
  4. Go to normal mode. In the picture we will see a rectangle dotted, in which the transparency varies from 50 to 100%.
  5. Insert picture 1 into this area.

The result will be a gradual transition from one picture to another.

If you do not have Photoshop, you can use the services on the Internet, for example,.