How to pull him off the couch, tear off the series and seduce

Method number 1: leave the bathroom door open

This method is suitable for those who already live together, but are faced with the problem of “sofa boyfriend”: as soon as he comes home from work, he doesn’t care for everything, except for the tablet and the TV. Proceed according to this scheme: first take a shower, and then leave the door to the bathroom open and begin the standard procedure with applying cream or oil and light self-massage (by the way, it excites). Presumably, the man will soon realize that you need to at least out of curiosity to look into the bathroom, and if this does not happen, then to enhance the effect, turn on the music to attract his attention.

How to pull him off the couch, tear off the series and seduce

Method number 2: send him a stormy night scenario on your mobile

The current generation does not get out of the gadgets, finds partners there and ... sometimes has sex there. Be up-to-date and test the power of the messengers on your pair - send him a “sex” (from the English words sex and text).Inside, a message may contain a tempting photo, a whipping line from a song, or, better, an immediate script of the future action in bed.

Method number 3: call him to help around the house

At times, instead of promoting feminist ideas that a woman can, like a man, directly and voicely propose to have sex, we would not hurt to think about old, familiar scenes of seduction from porn films: you have a faucet broken (oven , air conditioning, etc.), and you urgently need the help of your sex friend, and the breakage of delay does not tolerate. Next in the story, you either honestly ask him to fix something, tweak it, or immediately at the door you meet him in his underwear and with one of his views reveal the whole essence of the idea.

Method number 4: come up with a code word for sex

This method implies that you have already known each other for a while and managed to come up with a secret password for this activity - non-vulgar, not containing the word “sex” and preferably incomprehensible to people around. In this way, you can not only send him an "invitation" to have sex on your cell phone, but also piquantly seduce him in the company, while no one around suspects anything.

How to pull him off the couch, tear off the series and seduce

Method number 5: start a conversation with a condom

When you are 18 years old and a condom falls out of your bag, you want to fall into the ground from embarrassment. But when you already have a lot more and the same thing happens to you, then this is a reason to play the situation by its own rules. However, dropping it on the floor in the subway - not the best idea. Just open your purse and let him notice that there is a condom and a toothbrush prepared for the evening, and he will immediately understand what you are hinting at.

Method number 6: use massage

Massage “with continuation” is just the same desired sexual fantasy for many guys, so play it without restraint with the hope of more permissible both at home and in a public place. In public, you can just start with an anti-stress massage of the shoulders, like in films about the boss and secretary in love with him, and at home to start from more difficult, but still sensitive points - for example, stop.