How to protect a disc from copying?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
January 29, 2013
How to protect a disc from copying?

In the age of information technology, the development of methods for storing and protecting information become particularly relevant research topics for research teams and lonely enthusiasts. Protection requires not only software products, but also works of art, recorded and stored on disk, personal information of citizens.

The preservation of copyright and intellectual rights requires the protection of information recorded on various media from copying, unauthorized use, illegal copying.

How to protect a disc from copying? There are programs to protect disks with information from copying. For example, CD-Protect, which creates on the disk special faulty parts recognized by the protection system. According to him, the disks are divided into one's own-alien. Copying a protected disk to a hard drive will cause the system to crash. This is one of the programs that really protects disks.

SafeDisc v3 encrypts the main program module with a certain key.A digital signature is applied to the disk, corresponding to this key in size from 3 to 20 megabytes. The authenticity of a protected disk is recognized in 10-20 seconds, and then you can work with it. To remove protection from such a disk, you need to change the encrypted module.

LaserLock encrypts files and laser-marks the disk with additional hardware. In theory, copying a protected disk is impossible. And practically found several ways to get around this program.

Several copy techniques

If there are tasks to protect the disk from being copied, then ways to solve the exact opposite are invented. Protected discs successfully copy, using the information for their own purposes.

One of the most common programs for copying protected DVDs is Alcohol 120%, which is a CD / DVD emulator. The program creates on the hard disk of the computer an image of a protected disk with all the information that other programs can access. The image is taken as a normal disk in the drive. The program can work simultaneously with 31 images and allows you to copy discs protected with SafeDisc, LaserLock, Securom.

Another program for copying protected discs is Blindwrite.With it, you can create identical copies of CD / DVDs, remove information from protected discs of various formats, even in the presence of mechanical damage (scratched and scuffed). Developers regularly update this program.

Experts in the field of programming and information technology come to the conclusion that there is no absolutely reliable way to protect discs from being copied. After all, the more carefully they develop the method of protection, the more difficult it is to invent programs for reading and copying protected disks.