How to play table tennis?

When something new appears in our environment, it is able to attract to itself. And so much so that sometimes the whole country wears the same clothes or plays some kind of game. It also happened at the time in our country about the emergence of a new game - table tennis. The whole country played such a game with such passion and passion that it looked like a massive tennis fever. The peak of the popularity of "ping-pong" in Russia, when everybody and everybody was playing it: schoolchildren, students, workers during the lunchtime at the factories, fell on the 30s. Modern table tennis is such an intellectual and fast-paced game that it can be compared to air combat. Therefore, decisions need to be made instantly, to respond to the behavior of the enemy on time and adequately! So what is table tennis and how to learn to play it?

How to play table tennis: the main aspects of the game

The main thing in table tennis is racket, movement and strikes on the ball.

  • When you choose a racket for table tennis for the first time, you shouldn�t worry about your choice - all rackets from one hundred rubles are very similar in appearance and will suit your level of play.In addition, you need to properly hold the racket. Two methods of its grip are practiced - vertical and horizontal. Horizontal grip is preferred because it allows the use of all racket planes. But the main thing that you were comfortable in the grip. Take a racket, twist it, wave, find the option of grasp that is optimal for you.
  • Movement is also important - the opponent always tries to beat where there is no you, and the speed of the ball is so big that you cannot keep up with him if you stand in one place. Therefore, you should always be ready to move. Bend your knees, tilt the body slightly forward and constantly sway from place to place.
  • One of the most important techniques in table tennis is pitch. It is performed with different rotations of the ball. Rotations can be in any direction - with the upper or lower, left or right side rotation. Low and short passes are considered the best feed when the ball lands 10 to 15 centimeters from the net. But there is a danger in this: if some component is not made sufficiently qualitatively, a good opponent will be able to �shoot� you from your own supply. The first thing that matters during filing is stand.Bend your knees to move quickly to where the feed will go. Tilt the body forward slightly to start. Do not stand still! Second, the observation of the opponent. Understand what will be a blow - short or long, slow or fast can be on his backswing, stand.

How to take pitch in table tennis

  • When the ball pops up at the table with a medium or long, and possibly a swirling feed, perform a direct attack from the serve or with a strong spin, repel it.
  • If the feed is short, it needs to be beaten short and trimmed. Short passes, especially if the rotation is weak or the ball bounced higher, give the opportunity to attack.

Try it and you will succeed. The most important and only secret in any sport is to perform every technical action hundreds of times. Then it will be perfect. Therefore, if you want to learn how to play - play! And as often as possible. After all, how to play table tennis, you now know.