How to photograph Canon?

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How to photograph Canon?

Every day there are more and more amateur photographers who are faced with professional cameras and do not know where to begin their studies. And today we will talk about how to take good photos on Canon cameras.

Beginner Mode

Auto-mode is created specifically for those who are not yet able to independently adjust the parameters of their camera to create high-quality photos. Auto-mode will allow you to get a completely acceptable photo - you just have to aim the lens at the object you like and press the button to the end.

But keep in mind that this mode is not always preferable and can only be used in very limited conditions. For example, you can get good photos only with sufficient lighting or shooting static objects, in a word, the quality of photos will depend entirely on the shooting conditions. But there is a little trick to help avoid blurring pictures: turn on the flash when shooting moving objects and in poor light, as well as work with stabilization.

Canon settings

In order to use your camera one hundred percent, use the manual settings, thanks to which you will receive high-quality good photos regardless of the conditions in which you shoot. After mastering the basic functions of the camera, a fascinating world of photography will open before you.

So, first select the manual mode. To do this, move the wheel to position P. In this mode, there are three main and main parameters that affect the quality of the photo. These three features allow you to use your Canon camera effectively.

  1. The diaphragm is, roughly speaking, a septum that controls the size of the hole opened by the camera. The more open the aperture, the more light enters - thanks to this, you can get a blurred background effect. With an open diaphragm, portraits and near objects are well obtained. In short, the diaphragm controls the depth of field.
  2. Exposure - this is the time at which access of light to the matrix of the camera. The shutter speed depends on the shutter speed. Kenon cameras are great for experimenting with exposure.The longer you set the shutter speed, the more movements the camera captures. With a long exposure, you can shoot the landscape of the night city, festive fireworks, starry sky, etc. To take clear pictures, fix the camera with a tripod. Short shutter speed is appropriate for shooting falling objects.
  3. Light sensitivity (ISO) is a certain level of sensitivity of a camera to existing light. The more sensitivity you put, the more light the camera will receive. Naturally, for shooting in low light, set the ISO value as high as possible, this will help to avoid noise in the pictures.

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