How to pay the loan

The very first, but it may not be a very suitable way to settle with a bank, selling already existing property or that which is pledged to the bank. Keep in mind that selling mortgaged property is very difficult. It can take months, but during this time you risk falling into debt trap, since all banks for late payments on a loan charge fines and penalties.
Try borrowing money from friends or relatives.
Go to the bank, show that you are not giving up on your loan obligations, you just have temporary financial difficulties. Any bank is interested in your solvency, therefore, it is most likely that they will meet you to overcome this unpleasant situation.
The bank may offer you a “credit holiday”, i.e. during this period it will not be possible to pay the amount of the loan debt, and only pay interest. Credit history will not suffer from this. As a rule, "credit holidays" can last no more than 6 months.
The bank can go to your meeting by reissuing the loan for a longer period with recalculation of all payments. In this case, the loan amount will be less. Usually, according to the rules of the bank, a loan agreement can be concluded before the retirement age of the borrower. For example, if a mortgage was issued by a woman of 36 years who took out a loan 1 year ago for 10 years, then the contract can be renewed by extending the term for another 10 years.
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If you could not agree with the bank, then be prepared for the fact that later you may have problems. After all, all data on the repayment of the loan, fines, penalties, etc. recorded in the credit history, which will indicate your insolvency as a client. For this reason, in the future, if you want to get a loan, most likely the banks will refuse you.
Helpful advice
Currently, banks are allowed to repay loans ahead of time with recalculation of the amount of payments, so be vigilant, do not wait for the crisis, if you have the opportunity to repay the loan debt early, do it. Rid yourself of problems.