How to open a framing workshop

You will need at least two rooms: one for the workshop, the other for receiving visitors. It is desirable to separately provide space for the warehouse. It is not recommended to be located in residential buildings due to the noise produced by the work of masters and possible complaints from residents. The workshop itself may be separate from the point of taking orders. The latter should be decorated with taste and organically "weave" in the interior of product samples. Favorable effect on the image of the business proximity to the exhibition galleries, art salons, gift shops.
For the equipment of the framing workshop you will need a machine for cutting blanks under the frame (guillotine), a machine for fastening the rails, and staplers for fixing the picture to the frame. The creation of ornaments requires special saws imported from abroad, the acquisition of which costs several thousand dollars. The assortment should be at least a few dozen baguettes.Manufacturers present their products at the annual professional exhibition in Bologna.
The personnel of the workshop should have at least one framing master with at least two years experience in charge of three or four assistants. Among them may be specialists with the formation of a cabinetmaker or a restorer. There are only a few examples of courses on baguette art. It is desirable to have a designer in the state with an art education. You will also need an administrator to receive orders and an accountant.
Target buyers of the framing workshop are regular customers with regular orders. These are women involved in embroidery, artists, designers, photographers. Therefore, it is extremely important to gain a good reputation among customers and keep it at a high level.