How to pinch tomatoes?

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How to pinch tomatoes?

Grazing is a very important procedure in order to successfully grow tomatoes. In the article I will tell you how to put the tomatoes - of course, taking into account the experience of the best gardeners. I will only note that we will talk about the staging of the so-called indeterminant, that is, tall varieties, as the most suitable for this procedure.

Cattle or not

Pasony is the removal or breaking out of unnecessary stepsons, that is, lateral shoots that grow from the leaf axils. By the way, many people confuse stepchildren with leaves, but stepchildren, unlike leaves, do not grow on a bare stalk. At first a leaf grows, and then an escape appears from its bosom — a stepson. It grows constantly and new leaves and own stepsons of second order appear on it. Thus, the bush begins to branch. Is it necessary to put the tomatoes? Experienced gardeners answer, yes. Some pity to reduce the number of stems, believing that with a larger mass and a greater yield.However, with this you will achieve only greening of the plot, but if the crop is more important for you, then you need to grow the fruit, not the green mass. Crucial here are food and light, not the number of flowers and shoots. That is why it is impossible to thicken the planting in any case, because tomato bushes can fully synthesize nutrients, and therefore give fruit only with full lighting. And when thickened, the light will be very weak and the synthesis of proteins will significantly decrease, which will lead to a lack of fruits. In addition, the ripening of fruits without a pinch can be very prolonged, even too much. And finally, without sufficient ventilation, the risk of infection of the bushes is terrible for solanaceous disease - late blight, against which no treatment will save.

How to pinch tomatoes

So, what will we break out, and what will we leave on the bush? We first determine the number of stems in which we will lead the bushes. Tall (indeterminant) tomatoes are best kept in 1-3 stems, because the more stems, the higher the yield from one bush, but the tomatoes will ripen later.But the distance between the bushes should be as large as possible. That is why experienced gardeners lead their bushes in one stalk, breaking out not only all the stepchildren, but also twins, as sometimes the stalk splits. The recommended distance between bushes is 17-18 cm, and between rows is 1.35 m. If you decide to form bushes in two stems, then you need to leave the main shoot, as well as the stepson that grows under the first flower brush, since it most often, the most powerful. The rest of the stepsons, which are above and below, need to break out about once a week. If you decide to keep the bushes in three stems, then you need to leave not only the stepson, located under the first floral brush, but also the one below the first, as it is also quite powerful. Moreover, the stepchildren need not to be pulled out or pulled out, namely, to be broken out, leaving penets 1 to 2 cm away - this is how you will delay the appearance of the new stepson in this place. That's all the wisdom. Well, those who wish can also watch a video of how to pinch tomatoes. Often, a good example is perceived better than a printed text, although in the case of a stick the problems should not arise, since the instruction is extremely simple.