How to make injections?

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How to make injections?

Anyone can make the most common intramuscular injection - you just need not to be afraid and know the technique of execution. To master the technique of intramuscular administration of drugs can be quite quickly - for this you need to carefully study our recommendations, several times to practice on a pillow or a large plush toy.

If you wish, you can learn how to give injections intravenously, but nevertheless it is better to entrust the conduction of intravenous injections (which are more difficult to perform and are not entirely safe). We categorically do not recommend to do intravenous injections on our own.

How to make intramuscular injections

Where to prick

The needle of the syringe should be injected into the part of the body where the muscle is thicker; in addition, the nerve trunks and large blood vessels should not pass in this place. Often, intramuscular injections are done in the buttock. In some cases, the drug is injected into the upper arm (into the deltoid muscle) or into the front surface of the thigh.

How to prick

What you need to pre-cook:

  • Medicine.This can be a sealed glass ampoule with an already prepared product, or a small glass hermetically sealed bottle of medicine in powder form (in this case, it needs an ampule with a solvent). Solvents are different, so for your medication, use only the solvent that the doctor prescribed;
  • Cutter for ampoules. Usually it is in the package with medicine, often this cutter looks like a small cardboard washer with a slit, covered with abrasive powder;
  • If the medicine is in the bottle, then you need steel tweezers;
  • Several cotton swabs;
  • A bottle of ethyl alcohol (70% or 96%);
  • Disposable plastic syringe in a sterile factory package - its volume can be from two to ten cm cubic, the choice of syringe depends on the amount of prescribed medication.


  1. Wash your hands well.
  2. Examine the vial of medicine and make sure that the name on it matches the name of the medicine in the recipe. At the same time, check the expiration date of the drug.
  3. Take the ampoule in your left hand, shake it and gently tap on the neck of the ampoule with your fingernail - the medicine will go down from the narrow part and will be at the bottom of the ampoule.
  4. Swipe the cutter a few times along the narrowest part of the neck of the ampoule — nadpili will appear on it.
  5. Dampen a cotton swab with alcohol, swab the neck of the ampoule with a swab, wrap the cotton around the neck and break off the top of the ampoule with a sharp movement. Carefully place the ampoule on the table.
  6. Tear off the packaging of the syringe, without removing the plastic cap from the needle, put the needle on the syringe.
  7. Remove the cap, lower the needle into the ampoule to its bottom, gently pull the plunger over and take the medicine into the syringe.
  8. Raise the syringe with the needle up, knock lightly on it, and slowly squeeze the air from the syringe with the piston from the syringe. When all air bubbles disappear and a drop of medication appears on the needle tip, temporarily close the needle with a cap, put the syringe on a sterile napkin and prepare the patient.
  9. Lay the patient on the stomach and aim, where you will do the injection. In your thoughts, imagine that the patient’s buttock is a circle; divide it in half vertically and horizontally — you will have four segments. You need to prick the outer upper segment of this circle.
  10. Treat the injection site well with alcohol.
  11. Remove the cap from the needle, hold the syringe in your right hand,use your thumb and forefinger of the left hand to stretch the skin at the injection site (for small children, the injection site on the priest should be slightly squeezed) and sharply move the needle three-quarters long into the buttock.
  12. With the thumb of your right hand, gently and slowly push down on the plunger until you have inserted all the medicine.
  13. With cotton wool moistened with alcohol, press the skin at the injection site and sharply remove the needle.
  14. Do not remove the cotton wool immediately - massage the injection site for a few minutes.

Precautionary measures

  • Carefully disinfect the skin at the injection site;
  • To prevent inflammations from forming in the muscle, inject the medication as slowly as possible and do not give injections twice in a row to the same place (alternate injections in the left and right buttocks);
  • Use only a new syringe each time, which is in the original packaging;
  • If the packaging is damaged, the syringe should be discarded; it should not be used;
  • If you inject an oil solution, before squeezing the medicine out, gently pull the plunger of the syringe toward you and make sure that no drops of blood enter the syringe reservoir. The blood in the syringe is evidence that the needle has fallen into a blood vessel.An oily solution that has entered the bloodstream may cause an embolism. Therefore, it is necessary to insert the needle a little deeper, or remove the syringe from the body and repeat the injection.