How to make iso?

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How to make iso?

With the development of the Internet, the data transfer rate has become large enough so that you can transfer cumbersome files of computer games, movies and other data. Today, people prefer to download games from Internet services and torrents more than to buy a game disc. In addition, with the advent of a large number of file formats, it became possible to record games on a disc or transfer over the Internet or local network to another person for installation on another computer. Over time, a file format such as “iso” appeared in this direction.

However, not everyone knows why this format is needed, how to open it, and how to create an iso file for the game yourself. Let's take a closer look at this question together and find out how to make an iso image yourself.

Assigning iso files

To write the game files to an empty disk and then use it on any computer, a new format was created that was called “iso”. All game files are converted to a single .iso file, which is a disk image. Then this file can be unpacked using various programs and run the installation of the game.To do this, mount the disk image in a virtual drive, which is created by the same programs. In Windows 8, the disclosure of the iso format occurs by default with a built-in utility.

In addition, the disk image can be written on the disc with the same programs, to transfer to a friend. It is also convenient to transfer the disk image over the Internet through a torrent or another file manager or service. Due to this, currently iso extension files are used everywhere on torrents to transfer a disk image of games.

How to make a disk image for recording on a disc or transfer over the Internet, consider the example of the program Daemon Tools.

How to make an iso disk image

An iso disk image can be made with the help of many programs, the principle of which is almost the same. It all depends on the preferences of the user. However, one of the most popular programs is Daemon Tools. You can download it from the developers, where it is distributed for a fee, but has a trial period of twenty days, which allows you to make an iso disk image. The program can also be downloaded from the torrent, where it will already be hacked and will not require activation.

Consider the creation of a disk image with the iso extension on the example of the program Deamon Tools.

Creating a disk image using Daemon Tools

After installing the Daemon Tools program, you need to start it and wait until the virtual drive is created. Then follow the instructions:

  1. We insert into the drive a disk from which we will make an image of the iso extension. If you just have the game files from the disc recorded on the computer, then this item should be skipped.
  2. Run the program and click on “Create Disk Image” in it. You can also start the process from the program tray by right-clicking on the Deamon Tools program icon for about a clock. In the context menu, select the item "Create a disk image."
  3. In the new program window, select the drive where the disk with the files is located or specify the path to the game files.
  4. Select the path where the new disk image will be recorded. In the window you can also specify the file name and its extension. Select the iso extension.
  5. We tick the necessary additional parameters and start the creation process by clicking the "Start" button.
  6. After the process is completed, click the "Close" button.

After the new iso disk image has been created, you need to check it. Using the same program, Daemon Tools, we mount the disk image into a virtual drive and run the installation of the game.If the installation starts, the disk image was recorded correctly.

If the disk image does not open in the virtual drive and gives an error or the installation of the game on another computer is incorrect, then you need to recreate the disk image. To do this, we repeat all the points of creating a disk image again until the disk image works correctly.