How to cook a duck confit?

Do you like to taste dishes from different cuisines of the world? Then surprise yourself and your family by preparing the duck confit. Although the name is unfamiliar, such a dish can not be called difficult, even an aspiring hostess can handle it.

What it is?

Duck confit is one of the traditional dishes of exquisite French cuisine. Confi is a special method of cooking, which consists in a multi-stage, gradual and slow languor of the product in fat (usually its own).

There was such a way in those times when there were no refrigerators, but I really wanted to preserve dishes. That is, fat is a kind of preservative. Moreover, it is often used duck, as it differs by hardening already at room temperature, which allows you to save all the properties of the product and prevent its damage.

How to cook?

The secrets of preparing duck confit and its main stages are discussed below. But first you need to prepare everything you need:

  • four fat duck legs;
  • 500 grams of duck fat;
  • two or three tablespoons of salt (preferably sea and coarse grinding);
  • two onions (it is desirable to use a shallot);
  • three or four cloves of garlic;
  • a bunch of thyme;
  • half a teaspoon of allspice;
  • a bunch of rosemary;
  • olive oil or any other vegetable oil (if required).

Description of the whole process:

  1. If you do not have ready fat, then it should be drowned. To do this, use the fattest part of the duck carcass, which languish over low heat for several hours. Separating fat should be periodically drained into a separate container.
  2. So, when you already have the right amount of fat, go on to marinate the duck. The legs should be washed, thoroughly rubbed with salt, placed in a deep enough bowl and sent for a day or even two in the refrigerator.
  3. Next, remove the legs and clean the salt, which did not have time to soak and dissolve.
  4. Move the fat to a thick-bottomed and thick-walled, fairly voluminous pot. Also add all seasonings, garlic cloves and shallots (you can not chop them or cut them into large pieces). Immerse the legs in the mixture, but so that they are completely covered with fat. Then just simmer the dish on a slow fire for at least five or six hours under the lid. If desired, you can cook confit and in the oven, using heat-resistant dishes.The temperature should not be higher than 140-150 degrees.
  5. Remove the container from the fire or remove from the oven, remove the duck legs from the fat in which they languished, and serve hot.

How to serve?

Duck confit is usually served with a side dish, and the ideal option would be potatoes, moreover, both baked (you can bake it all on the same duck fat) and puree. But vegetables are also suitable, and they should also be baked or grilled. The second option is preferred by the girls watching their figure, because the dish itself is very high in calories, so it is best to serve it with a dietary side dish.

You can also serve sauce and sauce, it will complement the taste of the dish. Its basis can be fat itself, left after languor. So, you can add to it honey and various herbs. Or you can make an onion sauce by frying purple onions or shallots in fat. If you want something lighter and more interesting, then use berry sauce or even jam (such options will be appreciated by real gourmets).

It is worth paying attention to the drink with which you are going to serve duck confit. The ideal option is, of course, a good red wine, and preferably semi-sweet or dry.

How to store?

If you did everything according to the rules, that is, you were tormenting your legs for a long time in fat, then their shelf life can be impressive. So, in the refrigerator the dish will retain its properties for three months. And if you bury it, that is, roll it into a jar, then it can stand for a whole year. But to freeze the duck confit is undesirable, it can lose the taste and the characteristic delicate texture.


Some useful tips:

  • Before use, cold confit can be warmed in a pan, so that the leg slightly browned.
  • You can eat such a dish and in a cold form, for example, spreading it on bread, like pate. From above you can put a little green, it will give a pleasant taste and bright aroma.
  • Try experimenting and serve a dish with a side dish of fruit or berries. Moreover, it is desirable to use sour, they will create an interesting contrast with the sweetish taste of duck meat, as well as help the fatty product to digest faster. So, you can put out the apples in wine or, for example, cranberries. Such a side dish will be piquant and at the same time quite easy.
  • Do not throw away the fat left after cooking, you can make a side dish or something else on it.
  • It is important that the fat covers the legs completely, they should literally cook in it. And if you did not have such a component, then you can bring the volume to the optimum with the help of pork fat or good olive oil.
  • The dish should be covered with a ruddy crust. But if it is not, then try to remove the leg and either bake in the oven for about ten or fifteen minutes at 170 degrees, or fry in a pan.

Take the recipe described above and pamper guests or household duck confit!

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