How to make curly hair?

Many girls are ready to make any sacrifices to make beautiful curly hair. To create curls, you can contact the master hairdresser, and you can create beautiful curls at home. Using various devices, you can make curly hair in different ways.

There are several tools for creating curly hair:

  • curlers;
  • curling iron;
  • iron;
  • hair dryer with nozzle diffuser;
  • wet effect;
  • spikelets and flagella.


If you have enough time, then to create curly hair, use curlers or flexible boomerang sticks, after which the hair will look natural. Curlers must be selected depending on the final result: the larger the size of the curlers, the greater the wave.

  1. Before you curl your hair with curlers, you should wash your hair well and blow-dry to a semi-moist state.
  2. Twist the strands of hair on the curlers in a chaotic manner.
  3. After the hair has dried, the curlers remove and straighten the curls: tilt the head forward and slightly fluff it with your fingers.
  4. Then process hair a varnish.

Curling iron

Using curling is the fastest way to create perfect curls. In order to get beautiful curls, follow the instructions:

  1. Apply to dry hair heat spray or mousse.
  2. Separate the strand, insert the tip into the clip and wind the hair on the curling. Screw start from the head.
  3. Heat a strand for no more than 10 seconds (it depends on the quality of your curling) and dismiss it.
  4. Spray the finished hair with lacquer.

Cone curling iron

If you do not want the creases to be left at the tips of the strands, use a cone curling iron. Unlike conventional curling, the tapered leaves no wrinkles, since it does not have a clamp, and the tips of the strands must be held with your fingers.


In order to make hair curly, you can use the curling iron. Creating curls with the help of an ironing tool resembles working with a curling iron, only with the help of an ironing machine, large and voluminous curls are obtained. You can make curls with an iron with hair length below the shoulders.

  1. Turn on the iron and set the desired temperature.
  2. Separate strands and wind as you wind the hair on a regular curling.
  3. The resulting curls fix varnish.

Hair dryer with nozzle diffuser

With the creation of curly hair a hair dryer with a nozzle diffuser will do fine. The hairstyle is created in several steps:

  1. Wash your hair and apply a little mousse or styling foam on wet clean hair.
  2. Then slightly remember the hair with your hands.
  3. Dry your hair with a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment for 15 minutes from root to tip. As a result, you get a styling with a careless effect.

Natural curls

Constant use of hair dryer and pleyok significantly spoils the hair structure. They become brittle and dull. If you want to preserve the beauty of your hair, use the following tips to create curly hair without the use of devices with high temperatures. To create curls in a natural way, you can use:

  • weaving spikelet;
  • making harnesses.


  1. Wet hair process fixing means.
  2. We braid still not dried hair into a spikelet.
  3. After the spike dries, we unravel it and treat with hairspray.

This hairstyle is suitable for owners of hair of medium length.


The creation of flagella is suitable for those who do not want to spoil their hair with a curling hair dryer or hair dryer, or do not know how to weave a spikelet.

  1. Well wash out the hair, then dry them and process the foam or mousse. Divide hair into strands.
  2. Then we twist each strand on the index finger until the hair is curled into a bun.
  3. In order to avoid hair wrinkles, the tips must be fixed invisible.

Do not wind your hair this way at night, as you can damage the scalp invisible.


  • If you heat your hair, be sure to use heat protection agents.
  • Do not use hair curlers and hair dryers very often.
  • Do periodic restorative hair masks.
  • If you use natural ways to create curls, your hair will remain healthy and intact.