How to make animal skin

Skins should be cut by removing heads and tails, removing fat and meat residues from the inside from the skin. For all solutions, an average of 3 liters of water is taken on each skin. The solution is required for soaking the skin, it is prepared in a special container. Water must be brought to a temperature of about 30 degrees and ensure that the temperature does not fall during the whole process of tanning. First of all, salt is poured into the water, 50 g for 1 liter, and mixed thoroughly. It is also necessary to add antiseptic to water: formalin or sodium silicofluoride, 1 gram per liter of water. The skins are put into this vat, stirring about every 2-3 hours. They keep the skins there from 12 to 20 hours. To keep the temperature, the tank can be insulated.
The soaked pelts, taken out of the solution, are placed with the fur side down on a flat surface and with a knife or special scraper they thoroughly clean the core from the remaining fat and muscular films. It is necessary to move when cleaning the skin from the rump towards the head, otherwise there is a high probability of tearing the skin.After that, the skins are carefully washed in warm water with the addition of any detergent, washed in a large amount of running water.
After that, another solution is prepared by adding 50 g of salt to each liter, 7 g / l of acetic acid (or 800 ml / l food vinegar). The skins are put into this solution and thoroughly mixed for an hour. After that, the skins of females are left for a period of 24 hours, for 35 hours - the skins of males, periodically carefully mixing approximately once an hour. After the end of soaking time, the solution is drained from the tank, and the skins are left to stand for 24 hours. After that, the skins are taken out and squeezed, starting to prepare for tanning.
For tanning water is heated to 35 degrees, adding salt 50 g / l. Skins for an hour left in the solution. After that add dry chrome tanning agent in the calculation of 9 g / l. To add it is divided into two parts and dissolved in three parts of hot water. Having added the first portion to skins, mix 5 minutes intensively, then periodically within an hour. After the hour has passed, add the second part and stir for another hour. Skins in this solution remain for 12 hours. Capacity must be insulated so that the temperature of the solution does not fall below 30 degrees.
After 12 hours of soaking, soda is taken in the amount of 3-4 g / l of solution.It is dissolved in 10 parts of hot water and divided into three equal portions. The first is poured into the solution, mixed thoroughly and left for 2 hours, then the second is poured and mixed thoroughly, and after 3 hours they add the third and wait another 2 hours. Then the solution is drained, and the skins again remain lying in the tank for a day. After that, each skin is individually washed with hot water and dried on a wire without pressing.
When the skins are completely dry, they are moistened with a solution in which 30 g of salt and 1 g / l of hexamine, or dry fuel, are taken per liter of hot water. Moistened skins are covered with oilcloth and left for a day in this position, with the fur down. Periodically they are checked, moistening with the same solution too quickly drying out places. A day later, the skins knead, stretch in different directions, fatten.