How to make a weapon in minecraft?

September 23, 2014
How to make a weapon in minecraft?

Minecraft is a popular game where the world consists of cubes. In the game you can not only build buildings, any kinds of structures, create tools and other interesting things, but you can also create weapons and transform them as you please. You will need it both in a multiplayer game in battles with players, and in single player to protect against night monsters. Also, weapons can be used to kill ordinary animals like pigs, chickens, sheep and get resources from them.

In the game you can create different types of weapons. For example, bow and sword and more exotic weapons. Let us consider in more detail the methods for creating each weapon.

How to make a bow

To create a bow will need only two types of things:

  • Stick, 3 pieces. Sticks can be made from boards by disassembling them.
  • Threads, 3 pieces. Threads fall out only from spiders, so you have to hunt at night or in a dungeon.

Put them in the workbench. The sticks are put in the form of a triangle, and the threads in 3 cells in a column. This arrangement itself is reminiscent of onions.

Bow shoots at 50 blocks, great for hunting animals that can kill with 2-3 shots. But the bow needs arrows to use.

How to make arrows and more detailed instructions on how to make a bow, you will find in our articles How to make an arrow in Minecraft and How to make a bow in Minecraft.

How to make a sword

Swords in the game are divided into:

  • Wood. It is made from 1 stick and 2 boards.
  • Stone. It is made of 2 cobblestones and 1 stick.
  • Iron. It will be necessary for the manufacture of 2 ingot of iron and 1 stick.
  • Gold. Need 2 gold bars and 1 stick.
  • Diamond. For the manufacture you need 2 diamonds and 1 stick.

Accordingly, the simplest sword is wooden, and the strongest and durable is diamond. All ingredients are placed in the workbench window in the form of a sword.

There is also nanomech, which is very difficult to manufacture. How to make it, you can read in our article How to make a sword in Minecraft.

Other weapons

In Minecraft, in addition to the usual medieval weapons, there are other more modern species. For example, a cannon, or dynamite, or even a rocket. For the manufacture of these weapons will need gunpowder. Of course, to make such a weapon is much more difficult, but the power of this weapon is much more.