How to make a swan from a tire?

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How to make a swan from a tire?

Many amateur gardeners decorate their homesteads with tire products. In the improvised gardens you can find not only flower beds made of tires, but also animals, and even birds: for example, swans. How to make a swan out of tires, and with the help of what tools you can create such a masterpiece, read our article.

There are several options for making swans from tires. All of them are quite accessible, and you can make a swan yourself. In the course of work we will need:

  • Used tires (preferably bald);
  • A piece of chalk;
  • Knife;
  • Waterproof paints of different colors;
  • Metal bar or plate
  • Small screws.

If you use big tires, then the swans will be big. And if during work you use tires of different sizes, you can make a composition of large and small swans.

Option 1

Making a swan using tires in this way is quite simple. To do this, use the following instructions:

  1. Prepare the old tire: wash and dry it.
  2. Then in a circle in the middle of the tire, cut one thin strip about 8 centimeters wide, but not completely. Then we cut this strip into two parts. One piece should turn out three times more.Swanthe other: the larger part is the head of a swan, and the smaller part is the tail. The wings will be two large strips left on the sides.
  3. We take a metal plate and give it the shape of the neck and breast of our swan. Next, fix the plate on the tire with small screws. It should be borne in mind that the plate should be slightly narrower and longer than the neck of a swan.
  4. Now it remains only to decorate the resulting bird. We paint the body of the swan white, the beak red, and make the eyes black.

Option 2

  1. After you have prepared a tire: washed and dried it, put it with chalk on both sides of the line in the form of a half ring (that is, to the middle of the tire).
  2. We make cuts along these lines and then turn down. Thus, we have got the wings of a swan. Cutting tires can be difficult, so it is better to wet the knife in soapy water. This will help ease the process.Swan
  3. Cut the strip in the middle of the tire cover - it will be the head and neck of the swan.So that they keep their shape well, we strengthen them with an elongated stainless plate.
  4. Bend the plate, giving it the shape of the neck and breast of the future swan. And then fasten to the tire inconspicuous screws.
  5. The eyes of a swan can also be cut out of a tire and attached to the head with the help of the same screws. And you can just draw a suitable paint.
  6. After the swan is ready, we cover it with white water-based paint. Beak make red or orange.

Option 3

  1. First, chalk the markup on the prepared tire. On both sides of the tire we make two lines in the form of half-rings. Then cut the tire strictly along the lines to the middle. Just be careful and notSwancut to the end.
  2. Cut the cut middle into two parts to get the head and tail.
  3. Now turn the tire inside out. It is better to do it together, but if there is no one to help you, step on the outer side of the tire and turn it out. As soon as you do this, you will have an almost finished swan.
  4. Getting to decorate the swan. It is not necessary to paint the bird with white paint, you can use paint with a bronze tint, which, by the way, also looks very nice on the product.

You can also make a swan swimming in a pond.To do this, take another tire, paint it blue - you get a lake. Set the finished swan in the middle of the "lake", and it will seem that your swan is swimming in the pond.

Choosing one of the options, you get the original swan, made from tires. If you have some strange moments, you can watch a video on how to make a swan out of a tire.