How to make a postcard for her birthday?

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How to make a postcard for her birthday?

Your good friend has a birthday soon. The gift has long been in the pantry, but a beautiful postcard is not easy to pick up. After all, purchased postcards do not bear the warmth that you want to give on this day.

The best option is to make a postcard with your own hands. But how to make a postcard on her birthday, if no idea gets into my head? We offer you some interesting options.

Heart in heart

In the course of work we will need:

  • a sheet of thick red paper;
  • a few sheets of red thin paper (thin paper should be a shade darker or lighter than a thick one);
  • glue or double-sided tape;
  • scissors and colored pens.

To begin with, we cut a big heart out of thick paper. To do this, fold the piece of paper in half, so as to get a book. Draw a heart from above and cut it out. ATCardAs a result, you get a postcard consisting of 2 big hearts, since the right upper side remains a little under-cut.

Then we cut out single hearts from thin paper; in size they should be 2-3 mm smaller than the cover. The number of such hearts should be more than five and depends on how many wishes and kind words you write to them.

After that, fold all the parts in half and glue the elements together: connect the right upper corner of the first heart with the left upper corner of the second heart, etc. You will have a small harmonica; we fix it in the middle of the cover. The card is ready, it remains only to write wishes and sign a card.

Postcard - the secret

For creatingSurprise cardpostcards pick up a thick sheet of paper, preferably with a glossy finish, as well as thin sheets of different colors.

Bend a sheet of thick paper in half, in the form of a book. Then from thin sheets make envelopes of the small size (6-8 pieces). Glue the envelopes on top of the closed postcard, close them. In the middle, put small leaves with wishes or warm words.

Postcard dress

A postcard in the form of a dress will not leave indifferent any girl. To create such a masterpiece you will need:

  • sheet of thick A4 paper;
  • fabric or braid;
  • scissors, thread, needle, glue;
  • rhinestones.

To begin with, draw on a half A4 sheet silhouette of a sleeveless dress. Then take a thick sheet, fold it in half and take your pattern on it.Postcard dressso that the shoulder seams are located on the fold of the sheet. Cut out the resulting double dress, but do not forget that we do not cut the shoulder seams. Now you can safely postcard on the table house.

We start decorating our dress. We prepare 5 ribbons with a width of 2 cm and a length of 7 cm, and we make one ribbon with a width of 1 cm and a length of 10. We make a small assembly of the upper edge of each ribbon, carefully sew and glue on our dress. Glue start from the waist down. It should be noted that the top edge of each next tape will hide under the bottom edge of the previous one.

The top strip is decorated with a measuring tape, and the neck area can be decorated with rhinestones glued in a circle. It remains only to write a greeting and run to the birthday girl at the party.

Photo postcard

To make a photo card, take a glossy thick sheet of paper, bend it in half. Prepare 3-4 small triangles cut from colored paper.Open your postcard and use these triangles to paste the photo of the girl on the left side, and write a greeting on the right side.

The front side of the postcard can be decorated with an interesting inscription or you can glue a heart, a flower or something that your friend likes.

If you try and show imagination, the birthday girl will surely appreciate your postcard.