How to make an envelope out of paper?

Tatyana Lyho
Tatyana Lyho
December 6, 2012
How to make an envelope out of paper?

How great, going to the store, buy a beautiful card with gorgeous roses. Having opened it, write words of love and tenderness, throw out all your feelings towards the future owner of this gift. It would be nice to put in an envelope. Carefully pick it up to be with the appropriate flower. Come to give to a person close to you, and he has several similar postcards in the same envelopes on his desk. Where does the high spirits with which they fled to the celebration go? Do not despair! Not everyone can do cards with their own hands. But you can make a gift envelope. How to make an envelope out of paper?

Making an envelope

Everything related to paper is very popular now. The paper itself is different: simple white, color, double-sided, vintage, reaped, textured, designer and much more. We will not go into details of such difficult paperwork methods as origami. Let's talk only about the simplest, easiest ways to make paper crafts. Let's see how to make an envelope out of paper.

First try to make a small envelope. For training, take a simple white sheet of paper. Choose your own size, as long as the sheet is square.

  1. Gently fold the square in half, but do not bend. Only gently plan it.
  2. Take the bottom edge and bend it to the intended middle.
  3. Just that the resulting fold again bends to the middle line of step 1.
  4. Now bend the corners.
  5. Make vertical folds on both sides.
  6. Fold the corners on top (they are larger than the bottom).
  7. Horizontally we bend this resulting triangle and close the envelope.

Everything is done very easily, it takes little time and does not require a special taste. To decorate, you can paste a decorative stamp or cut a picture from an old postcard.

Large envelope

Cases in life are different, so sometimes it is useful and the ability to make a large envelope. You can make an envelope from A4 paper. Step-by-step instructions can be found on various websites. Do not be lazy, experiment, and you will succeed. Successes!