How to make a fence

You will need
  • - iron pillars
  • iron sheets
  • -metallic profile
  • iron corners
  • -screws
  • -sharnyry
Dig holes for the pillars, they should be about 50 cm deep, but it can be a little less - it all depends on the soil. Place the posts in the pits and fix them evenly, then fill with cement mortar. Mortar: 3 parts of sand, 2 parts of rubble and 1 part of cement. After pouring, wait a few days until the solution dries out.
Screw the cross bars. Better use a metal profile, it is durable and very durable. Screwing screws into the iron bars will not work, so pre-drill holes in them with a slightly smaller diameter than screws (self-tapping screws).
The fencing itself is made of iron sheets, which can be bought in building supermarkets. Usually it is six meters long, ask for it to be cut before you deliver. Often stores offer this service. You have to choose the height yourself, but the best option is 1.5 meters.Screw the iron sheets to the profiles, the fence can be considered ready.
Weld the rectangular-shaped entrance door. Make a frame of the corners of iron, and top sheathe the sheets. Weld the hinges and hang the door. Unexpected guests will not penetrate through such a fence, and you will forget for many years that the fence needs repairs.