How to make a door arch?

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How to make a door arch?

The door arch is a very profitable design solution. First, the arch creates a beautiful view of the room. Secondly, the design of the arch allows you to strengthen the walls of the doorway. Our article will tell you how to make a door arch with your own hands.

How to make an arch in the doorway: instructions

As many masters point out, the erection of a drywall arch is not a very complicated process. He will be mastered by a man even with little experience in repairing or finishing an apartment.

  1. To make the doorway arch, first of all you need to take the right measurements. To do this, take a ruler and measure the doorway in the horizontal plane. This will be needed to determine the height of the arch.
  2. Proceed to fabricating the arch frame based on the dimensions obtained. To do this, you need a sufficiently sized metal.Archprofile. On it note the height of the arc and the width of the doorway. For accuracy, mark the height of the arc again. After that, you can trim the profile by taking measurements and marks.After this, make the incisions of the shelves and bend the profile at a right angle.
  3. Make a second frame in the same way. After that, fasten both frames in the doorway. Use dowels and screws.
  4. Now we need a sheet of drywall. It is necessary to note the sketch of the upper arch of the arch with a pencil. Now cut the drywall vault with an electric jigsaw. We will need another such element. To make them identical to each other, put a ready-made vault on the drywall blank and cut the second one along its contours.
  5. Now install the manufactured parts on the frame. For this you need to use screws. An important detail is that each new screw must stand no more than 15 cm from the previous one. This will give strength to the whole structure, and the concrete wall will not crumble. Make sure that the screw goes deep into the panel. The head must be below the drywall surface.
  6. Now you need to do the design of the arch of the arch. To do this, takeArchtape measure to measure the length of the vault. Based on these dimensions, cut a sheet of metal, leaving room for folds on each side in the longitudinal section. Make bends.Next, use metal scissors to make cuts on each of the bends at a distance of about 4-5 cm. This will allow us to bend the sheet and fit it to the vault.
  7. Now fix the sheet on the arch of the arch with the help of screws. Make sure that every fold of the sheet is drilled with a tapping screw. In addition, fasten parts no less than 15 cm. Similarly, attach a metal sheet to the other side of the roof.
  8. Proceed to making the lower part of the arch design. To do this, arm yourself with a tape measure and measure the length of the arc and the distance between the two vaults. Cut small panels in these sizes to decorate the ceiling arch. Make cuts on each panel. The cuts are made on the upper side of the panel, which faces the ceiling. Measure each incision at a distance of 7-10 cm. Watch the perpendicularity of the cuts relative to the arch, so that you can then perform high-quality bends.
  9. Now, slowly pushing on each of the plates, give them a curved shape. Need to move from the center to the edges of the arch, simultaneously attaching the resulting fold with screws.Arch
  10. Then you need to smooth the angle at the junction of the lower edges of the arch and the wall. Here you can use ABS gypsum plaster.Take poluterok and apply the prepared mixture at the junction of the elements of the doorway and the arch. A sufficient amount of the mixture will make a layer of 3-5 cm. Shpaklyuyte joint, smoothly moving from door to arch several times. Make long movements with your hand, trying to close the entire desired surface at a time. Make sure that the transition is smooth and completely merges with the surface of the wall and arch.
  11. Now you can proceed to the sealing of the joints between the wall and the side and top parts of the arch. In this case, use the same mixture and spatula. Also make sure that the surface of the putty creates one level with the surface of the wall and the arch.
  12. When aligning the arc on both sides, use a special putty mesh. Lay out the grid over the entire surface of the arc corners and putty through it.
  13. Now you can proceed to grinding the joints. To do this, take a fine-grained sandpaper and go through all the junction elements. Bring all the joints to perfection, and the design is ready.

So you can make a door arch with your own hands!