How to lose weight at home in a week?

If there is no time, if an important event or a trip, if a fateful meeting, you inadvertently wonder how to lose weight at home in a week. During this time, you can easily lose 3-4 kilograms, which so prevent us from living. Unfortunately, more than 4 kilograms, most likely, will not be able to lose, because by the end of the week the body will understand that there is not enough nutrition and will begin to put off fat reserves for the future, and you, accordingly, gain weight again. If you want to keep in shape, then you need to switch to counting calories and be sure to go in for sports, all the time.

Lose weight at home in a week

How to lose weight at home in a week without unpleasant emotions, with which everyone associates express diets. I suggest not to refuse food, but simply to eat other products that are more beneficial during this period and less caloric for you.

You can eat berries and fruits in unlimited quantities, you can even frozen ones, you can make a salad of them, and fill it with nonfat yogurt.Just exclude for a week from the diet grapes and bananas.

It is also a pleasure to eat fish soup and soups from vegetables, low-fat dairy products, cereals from whole grains. Agree, all this is tasty and affordable, you do not feel hungry and do not dream about food around the clock.

And if all the same dreams came into your head and did not go out in any way, then eat an apple or drink fresh juice. They will replace your cakes and sweets. And you can dance, then the mood will rise.

Today, teas and coffee for weight loss at home are very popular. Such drinks dull the feeling of hunger, burn accumulated fats, remove toxins and slags from the body. And most importantly, they have the same flavor as the usual usual tea and coffee.

These are general guidelines.

But still give a few recipes diets for quick weight loss.

Diets for quick weight loss

  • Express diet for urgent weight loss in three days, it can be enhanced by visiting the sauna and professional massage.

Day 1: Baking one chicken in the oven, divide it into three parts, this is breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 2: 300 grams of lean calf meat roast, divided into three parts. This is also breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 3: Only coffee.Drink 5 cups a day.

All three days drink as much non-sparkling water as possible.

  • Diet on squirrels. With it, you can lose weight by 4 pounds in 5 days. But this diet is a huge stress for the body. Do not repeat it more than once a month.

In the morning, eat one boiled soft-boiled egg. For a second breakfast, somewhere in 3-3,5 hours, you can eat about 150 g of low-fat cottage cheese with tea. After another 3 hours, repeat the curd with tea. Drink only water until the evening.

  • Diet with fish. You will lose 3 kilograms if you stick to this diet for 3 days. In this case, everything is very simple.

You must eat 5 times during the day. At each meal, eat 100 g of boiled fish without salt. Eat tomatoes, cabbage or cucumbers as a side dish. Drink coffee with lemon or rosehip infusion, but only for breakfast and lunch.

  • Diet for four days. For four days, you lose 4 pounds. This diet must be followed very accurately. You can only replace orange with pineapple.

Day 1: For breakfast, eat one orange and cool chicken eggs (2 pieces). Drink one cup of black coffee. For lunch you can eat the eight fruits of prunes, soaked previously in the water. For dinner - an orange and an egg.

Day 2: For breakfast, eat a piece of low-fat cheese and drink a cup of coffee. For lunch - an egg and an orange. For dinner, eat a pear and drink a glass of milk.

Day 3: Drink two glasses of tea for breakfast. For lunch, eat one tomato, one cucumber and a piece of low-fat cheese. For dinner - a glass of milk.

Day 4: For breakfast - cereal with juice or milk. For lunch, eat cucumber and tomato. For dinner - 2 oranges.

While you lose weight, the body is very weak. So do not forget to be more in the fresh air.