How to look younger?

About the age of a woman says, first of all, her self-perception. The youth of the soul - this is what gives a positive attitude and reduces a few years. It is to feel young woman should be, and not to seem so. But the appearance is also important. So how to look younger than his years?

We change wardrobe

Clothing - the first thing to pay attention. Many try to hide figure flaws with dark colors, balachon silhouettes and other means of disguise, seeking the opposite effect. There is another extreme when women, trying to look younger, put on youth things, extravagant styles. When looking at them, the verb “young” suggests itself, which has a negative connotation in this context.

The main rule for a woman who has stepped over the 30-year-old frontier is elegance. This word is familiar to all, but little is thought about its meaning. It came from the French élégant, which means "graceful, exquisite."

To look exactly like this, give up screaming colors, excessive decor (especially rhinestones), short skirts, and open T-shirts.

What kind of things to wear, how to look younger? The word "classic" has always been a synonym for elegance. Stylish costumes (including trouser) and dresses, models, emphasizing the dignity of the figure.

In the presence of excess weight, do not be afraid of fitting things, but in moderation. You can purchase corrective underwear. It correctly packs problem areas, eliminating a couple of pounds.

Sports style can also be elegant. Do not necessarily give up your favorite jeans. The main thing is to choose a model that is suitable in shape and age: avoid strong fitting (skinny), cuts and ridiculous decorations.

Elegant colors

When choosing a wardrobe, you need to understand which color is young. Remarkably refreshing light colors. A worthy choice - clothes of pastel shades. A bright (but not flashy) can be some kind of detail, accessory, one of the things (for example, a blouse). Light clothing has always been a sign of success. In addition, it draws attention to itself, distracting it from your wrinkles.

Dark clothes do not need to get rid of at all. Black has always been considered elegant. But dark colors should be diluted with bright patches, try to make sure that the face has something light - a necklace, a scarf, a kerchief. A worthy replacement for black is blue, brown, and purple.

Pay attention to the quality of fabrics.Nothing spoils the impression like an abundance of synthetics.

Speaking about the wardrobe colors, do not forget about shoes. It can add the appearance of brightness and youth. Shoes of bright colors (without excessive decoration) can work wonders. If you can not wear a high heel, stop at a height of 3-5 cm. This is enough to look slimmer, which means younger.

But the makeup should not be defiant. Bright arrows, rouge, scarlet lipstick will only add years, and in general, look ridiculous.

Choosing a hairstyle

Before finding out what hairstyles are young, let's talk about the quality of hair. With age, they become dull, less dense. It is necessary to pay attention to hair care: once a week to make masks, use products for tips, nourishing balms.

It is often said that haircuts that are young should definitely be short. This is not quite true, because such a length simply does not go to some. The main condition is that the hairstyle should take into account your individual characteristics, i.e. it should be suitable for you. Many famous actresses have not given up their long hair even after 40-45 years. Hair should not just hang down. We need a styling that adds volume, curls look good.

The most winning haircut will be medium length - bob, square. Thicker bangs make you look more youthful. Choosing a short haircut "under the boy", note that it is contraindicated for chubby.

With greater care you need to approach the choice of hair dye. In the presence of gray hair, she should paint over it. And what hair color is young? It is believed that the shade is better to choose 1-2 tones lighter than natural. Too dark hair noticeably adds years. However, the strongly highlighted elegance is not attached.

When using paints, you need to carefully monitor the grown roots. Differing in color, they will make the look neglected.

We gave a few recommendations on how to look younger. Take advantage of our advice, and others will not guess about your true age.