How to look good after childbirth

Organize your daily routine. It is precisely the lack of organization and randomness that takes away most of all your strength and will not allow you to deal with yourself. To do this, set the priorities correctly and make a rough plan for each day.
Highlight important daily affairs, without which you just can not do. These include feeding the child, wet cleaning the apartment, loading the laundry in the washing machine and its subsequent hanging. Ironing a diaper or not - you decide. But experience suggests that you can do without it. Cooking, primarily for yourself, and eating three or four meals a day is a must and matter for a nursing mother. This can not be neglected. And of course - walks with the baby in the morning and in the evening.
Be sure to set aside time for daily rest. Often, young children do not allow mothers to sleep at night. Therefore, arrange for yourself a nap or just a quiet hour with a book in hand.This pleasant activity can be combined with the daytime sleep of the baby. Rest and lack of chronic sleep deprivation is the first condition for your flowering appearance.
Watch your figure from the first days after birth. Most often, women gain weight during breastfeeding. Therefore, make for yourself a balanced diet, which will include everything you need, but not superfluous. The mistake of many moms is that they want to eat and drink more than usual in order to get enough milk. In fact, a healthy diet without excesses and periodic use of herbs and drugs that increase lactation, will provide you with full breastfeeding.
The first weeks after birth, continue to wear a bandage. This will help to quickly tighten the stomach, slightly stretched during pregnancy. As soon as health and well-being allow, start doing daily exercises and sign up for fitness classes or in the pool. Feasible physical exertion and exercise will quickly bring your figure back to normal.
Walk more with your child in the fresh air. And in any weather. Take long walks with the stroller.Such exercises will strengthen your leg muscles and will be very useful for the health of the baby.
Be sure to watch your appearance. Daily allocate time for hair and light makeup. Dress neatly, stylishly, in accordance with fashion. But not to the detriment of their comfort. Remember that your female attractiveness and youth did not remain within the walls of the maternity hospital. You are still the same young and beautiful woman who has entered a new and interesting time of her life.