How to learn to have people

Put yourself in the shoes of the person or group of people whose attention you want to attract. If these people value responsibility, show your performance and honesty. If before you are connoisseurs of a sense of humor, tell funny stories and anecdotes. You can laugh at yourself, it is very "captivating" interlocutors. However, do not try to play in public. If you start a hypocrite, then people quickly figure it out. Be yourself and develop the necessary qualities.
Be original. This may be the style of clothing, hobby, behavior. All this attracts people. However, do not strive for cardinal changes, otherwise you risk scaring people away in your shocking manner. If you do not know where to start, learn to do what others do not know how.
A colorful suit will not be appropriate at work, but you can add bright accessories to the business look. It is also appropriate to take the initiative. Of course, you do not need to do this in everything, otherwise the work of the office will pass on to you.Show yourself to be a reliable, ideological employee who loves his job and knows his worth.
Show insight. If you can find an approach to a person, then automatically arrange him to yourself. However, do it unobtrusively and do not give advice if the person just wanted to be heard.
Do not create for yourself the image of a bad person, it repels, and does not attract people.
Do not think that beautiful people automatically attract attention. If there is beauty, but no charm, then the long attention will not last. That charming people are forgiven mistakes and blunders. Therefore, develop your charm and sense of humor, and do not waste all the time and money on expensive clothes and beauty salons.
Be modest. You may have achieved a lot and want to boast of success. This can be done and even necessary. However, do not behave arrogantly, especially in relation to those who have achieved less. Otherwise, they will not respect you, but will hate and envy you.
Speak more about others, make sincere compliments and do not flatter. In this case, people will reciprocate and reciprocate your compliments.