How to knit mittens?

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How to knit mittens?

In fact, knitting mittens is a task that is feasible not only for professionals, but also for newcomers to this business. If you, by chance, decided to take knitting needles for the first time and start knitting, then, having mastered the simplest knitting technique, you can start working. Beginners can use special knitting needles for beginning masters, and if you already have enough experience in knitting, then making a fashionable winter accessory will not be for you to work. Consider how to knit mittens.

Knitting technique "in a circle"

In another way, knitting with five knitting needles is called tubular. When using it, knitting is carried out in a circle and due to this, it turns out a solid product without seams and shortcomings. Loops are placed evenly on 4 needles, and the fifth remains unoccupied. She replaces other knitting needles from time to time.

With tubular knitting, there are no edge loops, and the front loops are knitted one by one. Knit should only be on the front side. All loops knitted alternately make one row. To make the process go faster, they can be mentally numbered and counted. It is worth remembering that two knitting needles knit the palm, and the other two upper parts of the mitten.If you want to dilute the accessory with special patterns, be sure to consider the following rules:

  • so that the pattern is completely preserved in circular knitting, the purl loops do the opposite, that is, the purl knit is facial, and the facial purl is knitted;
  • if in the pattern the even rows are knitted in the direction of the loops, then only the record of odd rows is used, and the odd row is repeated two times;
  • if the pattern is located on both sides of the knitting, then it is necessary to knit all the odd rows for two knitting needles at once.

Before you learn how to knit mittens, it will be a significant plus for beginner craftswomen to become familiar with the process of preparing for this process.

Start knitting

So, the yarn is selected first. You can knit mittens from such material as mohair or wool. It is advisable not to use synthetics, since in this case the product will not correspond to its functional purpose. It is possible to knit mittens in plain colors, and you can create an original pattern on their outer side, or you can simply knit it in relief viscous. Most often, the cuffs are made with ordinary garter stitch without patterns. Fully on mittens you need no more than 150 grams of material, it all depends on the pattern and knitting technique.

First you need to correctly calculate the number of loops.Tie a small sample (14 loops wide and 10 rows), stretch it a little and measure it with a ruler. Make a pattern for both the main pattern and the cuff. Now measure the volume of your wrist and select the required number of loops. Begins a mitten with a cuff, which is knitted with an ordinary elastic band 2x2 or 1x1.

Knitting from gum to thumb

To learn how to knit mittens with needles, consider the main nuances of technology. First of all, we divide all the loops into four parts and distribute them into four spokes. Then, knitting a series, close the circle and knit the next. You should have a square, the sides of which are the spokes. After you knit all the loops on one needle, it becomes free and is used for the other side.

After tying the cuff, you must go directly to the main part of the mitten. The distance between the thumb and the elastic should be knitted with a regular pattern, which will make up most of the mittens. If the pattern you choose makes the canvas significantly narrower, then in each row you need to add a loop. For the thumb you need to leave a hole.If it is a right hand, then on the third spoke, and if left, then on the fourth.

Knitting thumb

Consider how to knit a finger on a mitten. There are at least two ways to do this. You can make a closed hole, then try on it will be problematic, but you can open it. In the first method, it is necessary to knit the initial loop with a thread in the direction from the coil. After that, the rest of the rows are best knitted with other thread facial loops. Thread the remaining stitches on the third needle and knit it again with a working needle. The result will be a solid canvas, decorated with a pattern.

In the second method, on the place where you plan to place your thumb, the loop is knitted. All other unused loops are removed to a pin. Then, the same number of air loops on the pin is dialed on the working needle. It is imperative to knit the last loop. Now, after the thumb is separated from the total fabric, you can continue to knit the mitten in accordance with the pattern.

"Toe" mittens

Mitten in its upper part should taper. In order to smoothly and beautifully end the mittens, you need to knit a toe.This is done with the help of a gradual decrease of the loops. Depending on the number of loops to be removed, the upper part is either rounded or pointed. It should be noted that the gradual decrease violates the structure of the picture. However, you can first knit a pattern on a mitten, and then go to hosiery knitting and finish the product.

In order for the loops to decrease evenly, with the spiral knitting, the first two loops on the spoke need to be knitted together with the facial loop. In each row, in this way, the loops will decrease until there are two of them (a total of eight). Having done this, tear off the thread and push it into the needle, and with a needle pick up all the loops, fasten them and pull them out from the inside. You can do the same, only diminish the loops not at the edges of the row, but from the middle of it, resulting in a rounded end of the mitten.

After you make the toe, you will only have to use a similar technique to tie your thumb. In the same way as the toe, it is necessary to tie a certain number of rows in it, depending on the size of the finger and gradually, diminishing the loops, carefully finish it.

Thus, to beautifully and gently knit mittens with needles, schemes must be found in advance. In Internet resources, for example, you can find mittens for every taste. There you can find how to knit mittens in video tutorials. They will help you with a concrete example to consider the most difficult moments in the process of knitting mittens.

And remember, beautiful and warm mittens are not a luxury, and if you make them with your own hands, then they will store not only the heat of the material, but also the warmth of your hands. Knitted mittens will be a great gift for your relatives and friends. Fashionable, beautiful patterns and modern knitting technique will give uniqueness to your product and add personality to it.