How to install door dobor

What are dobori? These are panels that can have a thickness that fluctuates between 5 and 400 mm (dobori more than 400 mm thick are already made to order). Dobor are both horizontal and vertical. Of course, their color must be chosen carefully, so that the discrepancy does not catch the eye. Pay your attention to the choice of materials: Fiberboard (fibreboard), MDF (fine fraction), an array of softwood. Dobory coating is made of artificial or natural veneer.
Installing door pans is quite simple. If the door frame has special grooves, take the bar 10 mm wide - if the thickness is greater, the additional size will not fit into the groove. If the doorframe is bespazovaya, you can take additional widths of any width. Usually they are mounted on one side of the door, although there are times when the doorframe has to be “built up” on both sides.
So, you can install additional strips either before the installation of the door, or after it has already been mounted. In the first case, just screw the slats to the back of the box.And in the second case, additional panels need to be drilled through and fastened to the door frame with self-tapping screws. If this does not allow the width of the opening, try to nail the rail in order to get indentation from the edge of the door frame. The truth in this case may appear a gap. Although such minor flaws, then you can hide without a trace under a layer of sealant or attach molding.
Horizontal dobory installed after the vertical, if necessary, of course. After that, you can already do platbands. Installation of additional strips can last a total of several hours.
If you do not want to buy additional items, you can make them yourself. Just cut out the strips of the required width, then paint with paint to match the color of the door.