How to install a toilet?

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How to install a toilet?

Are you going to install a toilet? How to install the toilet? How to install a toilet with your own hands? It is quite possible to make the owner of the house. You will save considerable funds and will be proud of the work done personally. There are no plumbers in the house, but there is a man in the house. Thanks to our small instructions, you can easily and simply install the toilet with your own hands. In case you have not purchased a toilet, we advise you first of all to pay attention to its characteristics.

Toilets are porcelain and faience

The porcelain toilet bowl is of higher quality, crack resistant and more durable. Earthenware is less resistant to dirt and scratches, but much cheaper. If you have already purchased it and want to learn how to properly install the toilet, this article will help you with this. Tips and instructions drawn up on the recommendations of specialists, plumbers and professionals in their field.

In fact, each of us can install a toilet with his own hands, even if you are not a professional plumber. Following the recommendations below, you will succeed.Before you begin the process, you should learn the technology, how to install the toilet, the video will help you with this. Be sure to check the availability of all parts and fasteners. Check out the package after purchase. Otherwise in the process, seeing that there is not enoughanydetails, you stop halfway through. And the parts, in turn, are sold most often exclusively in the kit. So, be careful not to have to pay twice. So let's get started.

Preparing to install

First of all, turn off the water and sewer paths. Carefully close the drain holes and prepare the necessary tools:

  • Drill
  • Silicone mastic
  • Fun tube
  • Hex on "12"
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Marker
  • Hose to drain
  • Installation crane
  • Concrete drill
  • Bolts
  • Dowel
  • Decide on the necessary installation method.

Installation Methods

Previously, the toilet was fixed on the floor with a wooden board, slightly recessed into the floor notch. Floor excavation must be pre-castcement-sandysolution, it is the same board and fit. This board is called taffeta. Most often, taffeta is the usual pro-polyphenic wood, oak or ash.The board is fixed with the help of anchors, and the toilet after hardening of the solution must be fixed with simple screws, having previously placed rubber washers under them. By the way, in order to subsequently be able to adjust the location of the toilet, the screws should grease. This will save the toilet from damage. But at the moment there are more simple and modern ways to install a toilet bowl. For example, you can install the toilet with your own hands using a special epoxy glue. It is sold in any building materials store or sanitary goods market.

Thoroughly flush the toilet, cleans the bonding surfaces from contamination, degrease the surface. We apply a 5–6 mm layer of resin on the mounting surface and firmly and firmly press the toilet to the floor. Next, it is worth waiting for 12 hours to completely set the glue and resin. It is possible and recommended, in this case, to install a toilet in the evening, and when you wake up in the morning you can already use it fully.

Attaching the toilet to the pipe

You should try the toilet on the installation site and make a mark for the bolts. Next, you should determine how much you need to adjust the backgroundpipe. Measure the required distance carefully and meticulously, and slide the back of the toilet bowl to the drain pipe. The rear attachment is called the release. The issue should be treated with red lead divorced in linseed oil and carefully wound with tar resin. Be careful that the strand does not cork in the pipe. Yes, and you should not wind it to the very end of the issue. Leave a distance of 5 millimeters. At connection of release and a pipe, the remained gap should be processedcement-sandywith a solution, close with a tow of linen yarn.

Installing the toilet on the tile

How to install the toilet on the tile? As easy as pie! Mark the installation points with a marker in advance. Fix the dowels into the holes. Drill a drill. When drilling it is best to turn off the hammer mode in the drill. This should be done in order not to damage the tile, not to damage the decor and tile. Apply sealant to the base of the toilet bowl thoroughly and allow it to dry well.

Drain tank connection

Required tools:

  • Sealing ring
  • Bolts
  • Sealant
  • Wrench
  • Gaskets, washers
  • Hose connecting the tank to the water supply

Now more and more common is the wall tank. When wall mounting the toilet, there must be a hole in the wall to install the flushing cistern. At floor installation of a toilet bowl, additional openings are not required. The drain tank should be installed only after fixing the toilet. To install the drain tank in its place, put a sealing ring. Place the tank on the ring and connect the inlet holes of the tank and the toilet bowl. To install in the mounting holes, fasten the bolts, securing them securely with a wrench in size. Do not forget the gaskets and washers for secure mounting.

After the installation of the tank, be sure to pour water into it and check for leaking holes. Joints can flow. If this situation occurs, apply a sealant to the joints and let it dry. This procedure is recommended to perform several times for a complete and high-quality result. In order to avoid the smallest leaks. In the tank, install the float and the inlet valve, firmly connecting it to the water supply. Next, install a shut-off valve and check the operation of the tank.

By following these instructions, you can easily learn and put into practice how to properly install the toilet in your home without the help of experts. The main thing is to carefully check the fastenings, holes and watch for the lack of gaps. This will allow you to securely install the toilet and avoid leaks in the future. If youall the sameif you doubt that you can do it all yourself, it is best to call a plumber.