How to install a new cooler

So, go and buy a new cooler for the processor, look at the type of connector, the material of the radiator, the method of connection, the size and speed of rotation. Typically, connector types of existing LGA775 motherboards for Intel processors and for AMD processors are Socket AM2 / AM2 +. Choose a good cooler with the ability to connect to all types of connectors. What determines the noise of the cooler? From the speed of rotation, the design of the impeller and the diameter of the fan. There are coolers, the rotational speed of which is regulated with the help of special sensors on the motherboard, monitoring the temperature of the processor, the temperature of the processor rises, revolutions increase, and noise accordingly increases. On new computers with idle time, the cooler is completely turned off.
The size of the cooler also has an impact on the noise level, a large cooler makes less noise due to a smaller number of revolutions, respectively, a small cooler will make more noise. Consider coolers with heat pipes and a copper base, this type of cooler is much quieter than the others, and besides, the processor is cooled by such a cooler much more efficiently.But coolers with heat diffusers, consisting of plates and heat pipes, will allow you to overclock your processor and do not make noise, your processor with such a cooler will always be cold, it is best to install a cooler of this type. Well, if you want to completely get rid of the noise, and your processor to always be cool, then you need a water block, this is a water cooling system, which is much better than an air one. Powerful system to cool the processor effectively.