How to improve the potency?

In the modern world, the weakening of potency is observed in men of different ages. Far from everyone is in a hurry to consult doctors, as they are ashamed of such ailments. Most often, representatives of the stronger sex are out in the use of synthetic drugs that increase potency, such as "Viagra". The effect comes quickly and acts for a long time, but before resorting to this kind of stimulants, it is worth trying to improve the potency in natural ways.

Potency Improvers

You can improve the potency at home by performing a series of specific actions.

Proper nutrition

The first step is to balance your diet, including foods rich in vitamins and minerals. The main ones are selenium, zinc, vitamins of group B, and also vitamins C and E.

Weight loss

Overweight is the enemy of potency. Excess kilograms affects the level of testosterone, which directly affects the sexual activity of men. In addition to reducing the male hormone testosterone in overweight men, there is an increase inestrogen (female sex hormone). All this leads to erectile dysfunction and a general deterioration in health. The cardiovascular system suffers, the risk of diabetes, etc. increases.

It is important to eliminate the additional causes of a decrease in testosterone in the body, since after 25 years its decline occurs naturally and decreases by 1–1.5% per year. Therefore, it is necessary to stimulate the production of male sex hormones to increase potency.

Rejection of bad habits

Often, men are perplexed about the reasons for the weakening of potency, not associating them with such bad habits as smoking, drinking alcohol or drugs. However, scientists have proven that these addictions have a negative effect on male power. In some cases, the rejection of bad habits was enough to fully restore normal sexual activity.

According to experts, alcohol adversely affects erectile function, even in small quantities. Especially do not underestimate the beer, because it contains phytoestrogens and provokes female-type obesity. The optimal dose is no more than one glass of beer per day.

Physical activity

A sedentary lifestyle leads to stagnation in the pelvic area and, consequently, the deterioration of potency. If work implies a lack of physical activity, then this gap should be filled in free time. It is necessary to perform good physical activities: walk a couple of stops, go up to the floor without an elevator, visit the pool at weekends, and in good weather, go for a long walk on bicycles, etc. Any hobby associated with active physical exertion is welcome.

But even when working in the office, you can organize yourself training the muscles of the perineum. It is enough to perform Kegel exercises involving the pubic-coccygeal muscle.

How to improve the potency of folk remedies

Men at all times wanted to surprise women with their sexual exploits, and traditional medicine is known for ancient recipes, designed to improve potency.

  • A mixture of walnuts with honey. The ingredients are mixed in equal proportions and consumed after a meal (after 20-25 minutes) twice a day, 2 tsp. To enhance the effect of the drug is recommended to drink milk.
  • In Russia, cabbage juice and infusion prepared in a special way were popular among men. They took flowering tops of basil, walnut leaves (2 tbsp. L.) And horseradish roots (8 tbsp. L.). The mixture was poured with a liter of boiled red wine and pressed, tightly wrapped in a cloth. Then the drink was filtered and taken three times a day before eating 100 ml.
  • Another famous remedy is horse chestnut. Its action is aimed at strengthening the tone of the venous vessels, which play a significant role in matters of potency.