How to hack ICQ?

Elena Melnichenko
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How to hack ICQ?

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How to hack ICQ?

Novice hackers often wonder how to hack an ICQ ID. This is a painstaking process, and not everyone understands it. But maybe nothing needs to be hacked. First you need to decide for exactly what purpose you need it.

Hacking targets

Hacking ICQ has only two goals:

  1. Pick up an ICQ number for personal use. For example, resell it or use it as spam.
  2. For personal data and information (for example, correspondence history).

But with all this, you will not be guaranteed luck when hacking. Even if you managed to get someone else's password from ICQ, the owner can provide protection against hacking, after which he will easily change the password to another. And reading someone else's correspondence in ICQ is possible without such operations. After all, for this there are many special services.

Hacking application

But if you still do not change your mind and still crave to learn how to hack ICQ, here are ways to do it:

  • TroyanThis program must be put on someone else's PC, after which it writes the password and sends it to you. But this method is not very effective, because modern antiviruses on the Internet work well, and trying to download a Trojan program will be difficult, and buying a program is expensive.
  • The Brutfors program is a direct search for passwords. We take the UIN and begin to pick up passwords to it. This method may seem tedious, because the selection is done manually.
  • If you have access to the victim's PC, on which the ICQ you are interested in, then bring it on a flash drive and install a keylogger on it (for example, �SAM 007�). Thus, you will know when and what exactly typed on the keyboard. Accordingly, in your hands will be all the necessary information.