How to grow onions?

Growing vegetables and fruits in greenhouses is not only an extra income to the family budget, but also a very profitable business. But this is possible only under the condition that you are familiar with all the subtleties of growing and marketing. Let's look at how to grow onions in this article.

Onions can be grown all year round. In the winter in greenhouses, and in the summer in the fields. First of all, we need a plot with an area of ​​at least 30 acres. So let's consider how to grow green onions in more detail. For the cultivation of green there are special seeds. The most popular of them are Japanese or Dutch manufacturers. For the harvest to be good and rich you need to use chemicals that protect plants. You should know that all the greens that you buy in supermarkets or stores were chemically treated and fed with fertilizers.

Cultivation technology

In addition to the area, we also need a room in which we will store onions. Before you grow a leek or green onions, you need to fertilize the earth with special dressings.Then create lighting with UV and fluorescent lamps. On the territory of 75 sq.m. can grow up to 550 kg of feather.

  • Onions grow, on average, twenty one days. If you have special equipment, this period can be reduced by half. Using the technology of hydroponics, it is possible to avoid the utilization of substrates and other wastes that are possible during production.
  • In order to speed up the forcing of greenery, the top of the bulb is cut, improving hydrolysis.
  • After that, two days later, the onion is covered with earth, peat, and humus. Water well before planting.
  • The optimum temperature for indoor air up to 20 grams. in the afternoon and up to 16 gr. at night.
  • Air the room to normalize the temperature level.
  • During the growing season you need to make at least 3 irrigations, 2 of which with fertilizers.
  • The width of the beds should be at least 1.5 cm.

Another way to grow

  • Onions can be grown in glass and tin cans, on which cardboard paper is laid with a small diameter circle cut on it.
  • Water is poured into the jar and the onion is placed. This must be done so that the roots are in the water.
  • Create additional 40-watt fluorescent lighting.
  • After reaching a feather of 20 cm, you can harvest.

How to grow onion seeds

  • To obtain seeds, you must have a matte bulb of a zoned variety.
  • For seed purposes, select bulbs with a diameter of not less than five and not more than ten centimeters, similar in color and size.
  • Then, the selected bulbs are poured into a box and put in storage. They are there until they form the seed arrows.
  • A couple of weeks before disembarking, the temperature in the storage should be increased to 16 grams.
  • Seed material is picked up and rejected.
  • All remaining onions need to cut the neck. This will speed up germination.
  • The bulbs are planted in the soil. Keep in mind that the site for the cultivation of onions must first be prepared, make mineral fertilizers, potash and phosphate. Then the soil is processed and only then it is possible to form the beds.
  • When planting onions, you need to ensure that the cut part is at a depth of 5 cm from the surface. The distance between two bulbs is approximately 15 cm.
  • The beds must weed and weed.
  • When the shooting begins, you must protect the greens from damage. To do this, drive in stakes and pull the string.
  • It is necessary to start harvesting when boxes with black and full seeds are opened on the umbrella. Arrow with an umbrella cut and hung under a canopy on a wire. On the ground, under them you need to make a canvas on which the seeds will spill out.

Now you know how to grow onions properly and fruitfully. But it should be remembered that if you decide to engage in cultivation for commercial purposes, then, first of all, adjust sales.