How to get rid of toxemia?

Toxicosis is not a pleasant phenomenon during pregnancy. In most women, toxicosis, morning sickness, manifests itself in early pregnancy, but it also happens that toxicosis is late. The causes of toxicosis can be very different, ranging from hormonal disruption in the body, in which a new life now lives, and ending with the genetic predisposition of the expectant mother. Of course, all this brings a lot of unpleasant sensations, which I really want to get rid of.

So how to get rid of toxemia, what to do? There is no unequivocal answer to this question, since each organism is individual, there is no pill that you can take and forget about toxemia, there are just some tips that you can use to ease your condition.

How to get rid of toxicosis: tips

  1. try not to eat much, but often, as soon as you realize that you are hungry, eat something, thus preventing toxicosis;
  2. when you feel that nausea rises straight to your throat, try to eat a sour, small slice of lemon or orange, for example;
  3. Be sure to drink a lot of fluids; when vomiting, the body loses a lot of water; dehydration cannot be allowed. If you are not able to drink a lot of liquid, then eat foods that contain a lot of water: fruits and vegetables, greens;
  4. the doctor may prescribe vitamin B6, it can help many pregnant women get rid of nausea, it is best to take any vitamins for pregnant women for the night, so they will be better absorbed;
  5. in the morning, get used to washing your face, rubbing it with an ice cube, this procedure can relieve nausea, as there is a sharp temperature drop, and it invigorates;
  6. if you are traveling in transport and nausea caught you at this very moment - just eat mint lollipop, and at home you can drink tea with mint leaves and melissa;
  7. try to prepare and drink non-alcoholic mojito, put a spoonful of honey in a glass, squeeze the juice from a quarter lime, throw mint leaves and ice, then pour it all with mineral water;
  8. try to use aromatherapy, healing oils like eucalyptus, lemon balm, tea tree are perfect. All this should relieve nausea a little;
  9. in the morning, before you get up, eat toast or salty cracker, it can be cooked in the evening;
  10. drink ginger tea, ginger itself has a mass of healing properties, including getting rid of toxemia. What should be done? Take a small piece of ginger, grate and pour boiled water. Tea should be infused, then you can add honey to it and drink in small sips;
  11. attacks of toxemia can be facilitated by healthy sleep, go to bed early and get enough sleep, do not make sudden movements in the morning, do not jump out of bed, better lie down for 15 minutes in a relaxed state only then slowly get up;
  12. Do not allow yourself to worry or worry too much, protect yourself from everything that may be unpleasant for you and enjoy communicating with loved ones and loved ones;
  13. and, of course, be in the fresh air more often, move more, a little physical activity will not hurt, and even contribute to the improvement of health and toxicosis in the fresh air may not bother at all.

All these simple tips will help in the fight against toxemia.