How to get rid of ingrown hair?

At least once in every life, every woman has come across ingrown hairs, which removes unwanted hair from the body. Regardless of the method of epilation, the appearance of ingrown hairs is possible, causing a lot of inconvenience. That is why it is important to know not only how to get rid of ingrown hairs, but also how to prevent their appearance.


After any kind of hair removal, the hairs get a little thinner. In this regard, it may be harder for them to penetrate the skin, so they begin to grow under it, which leads to the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Ingrown hair in most cases causes inflammation and redness. Women also complain of itching in this place. In some cases, it looks like a black dot or a small pimple, from which a hair penetrates later.

It is not very pleasant to fight with ingrown hairs, therefore it is desirable to prevent such a situation.


So that you don’t have to decide how to get rid of ingrown hair, take preventive measures to the maximum.

Beauticians say that shaving is the best way to remove hair, since it almost completely eliminates the appearance of ingrown hair. When shaving the hair bulb remains in place, so the hair does not need to try to force its way through the skin to the outside. However, many women do not like shaving as much as their hair grows the very next day and they have to perform the procedure again. This takes extra time, which everyone lacks so much. Although shaving eliminates ingrown hair, there is always the risk of cuts, which is also not very pleasant.

If you also prefer other ways to get rid of unwanted hair, you should take care to prevent ingrown hairs. Before the epilation, be sure to prepare the body: take a hot shower to steam out the skin, and also treat it with a scrub. It will not only help remove dead skin cells, but will also lift hairs, which will facilitate their removal. Be sure to rub the skin with a washcloth to surely lift all the hairs.

When shaving, do not forget to use gel or foam that will facilitate hair removal and reduce the risk of a cut.In no case do not use blunt razors, as they do not shave, and pull out some hairs, causing irritation. In addition, the risk of being cut with a blunt razor is higher than if you use a new blade.

After the hair removal procedure, treat your skin with a soothing lotion or cream to reduce the risk of irritation and dryness. You also need to periodically process it with a scrub to remove hairs that have just started to grow.

Ingrown hair removal

If preventive measures did not help, it is important to know how to get rid of ingrown hair in order to reduce discomfort.

First you need to swim, after which the place with the ingrown hair is treated with alcohol. Take the needle and disinfect it, and then gently pick it up with the tip of the ingrown hair. You need him to raise a little. Now treat the tweezers with alcohol and gently pull the hair out. At the end, carefully disinfect this place and attach a piece of ice to it. It is important that during this procedure the skin is clean and disinfected, otherwise it may cause more irritation.

You can also buy in the store special tools for removing ingrown hair. Different manufacturers are developing tools with different impact forces for cases of varying degrees of complexity. These funds can be in the form of a spray, scrub, gel or cream, sometimes there are wet wipes with such a tool. These funds not only help get rid of ingrown hairs, but also reduce the risk of their appearance. For the bikini zone, special tools of this type have been developed, which act more gently.