How to get in shape?

Before each holiday and the next upcoming holiday, going to the mirror, you know - not ready for the holiday. Favorite summer dresses, light skirts and costumes are treacherously cramped. Extra pounds make themselves felt. There was tiredness and shortness of breath. As never before, thoughts begin to worry, how to get in shape as soon as possible, what to do to return to former ease.

Lose weight at any cost

Often one way out - by all means lose weight at any cost. For the sake of this goal, a person goes to rash acts: grueling exercises, tight diets, sometimes leading to a hungry faint. And after the holiday, the weight returns again, and with a slip. What is the matter?

The very question - to lose weight quickly and at any cost - is fundamentally wrong. It is necessary to change the lifestyle and it is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. How to keep fit and be always energetic and healthy - this will help a few simple rules. Let's sort everything in order.

Power scheme

To begin with, the gained kilograms for the winter period is a completely normal process for the body.In winter, due to lack of sunlight (vitamin D) and cold, the body's metabolic processes slow down. The body "puts in reserve" most of the incoming nutrients. Therefore, in order not to recover in the winter, it is necessary to limit the use of products containing large amounts of carbohydrates.

Useful - harmful

Let's divide carbohydrates into useful and unhealthy. Healthy carbohydrates are found in cereals, fruits, berries and vegetables. Unhealthy carbohydrates - this is all that we love, but there is it worth less. These include sweets, all kinds of pastries, chips and beer. Excess carbohydrates in the body is deposited in the fat that we see in the mirror.

Golden Rules

  • The first rule, how to keep yourself in shape - to limit the consumption of unhealthy carbohydrates. It is not only what we eat that matters. Of great importance - as we eat. There are some small secrets here. Thirty minutes before a meal, you need to drink one, and preferably two glasses of water. This will reduce the feeling of hunger.
  • The second golden rule. Our body adjusts to the food that first enters the body. You should always start with a light meal, namely with salads.
  • The third rule.Saturation occurs within the first twenty minutes. It is necessary to eat slowly, then do not eat too much, and the feeling of constant heaviness from systematic overeating will not torment you.
  • And the last, most important rule. It is this rule that explains why diets are so harmful and why pounds dropped are always returned. Each interval is equal to four to five hours, a person must eat. If the body does not receive food during this time, it enters a stressful state.

Hunger is a state of stress for the body, therefore, whatever you eat then, it will be put off “in reserve”. In a state of hunger in the body, the amount of uric acid increases twice. Irritability, change of mood, migraine, poor sleep - this is the result of an excess of uric acid in the body. Constant high levels of acid in the future can lead to diseases such as urinary diathesis.

Conclusion: you need to eat a little, but regularly, about five times a day. And be sure not to "intercept" between meals. Instead of diets, if you really need to quickly lose weight, simply reduce the amount taken at one time to write.A single serving should be two thirds of a glass.

Physical exercises

Be sure to two times a week, you need to find time for exercise. A common misconception is morning exercise. Your body is still asleep, it is not ready for physical exertion. The best time is the afternoon. Choose what you like: swimming, fitness, dancing. If you do not have time, but you are an organized person, you can practice at home.

The goal of training is not to pump up a mountain of muscles, but to constantly maintain the body in good physical shape. Even in antiquity they said: "With the loss of flexibility comes old age."

Properly designed lesson plan is the key to success. Exercises should be aimed at developing joints, stretching muscles. For the beautiful half of humanity desirable exercises for the press.

You should not start exercise with heavy physical exercises or stretching exercises, the body is not ready yet, you can simply pull strong muscles. The first twenty minutes should be exercise only to warm up the body. If, moreover, your goal is also to lose weight, then it is worth considering that the body begins to burn calories only in the fortieth minute of exercise.


Walking is not only a charge of good mood, it is a great way to improve your physical condition, quickly get in shape and lose weight. For walking to be good, you need to walk at the right pace. The pace should be average, about 5-6 km per hour. Constant walks will help avoid the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases and stroke, diabetes, arthritis. It is scientifically proven that hiking enthusiasts live much longer.

Water is the source of life

A person should drink a day 2.5 - 3 liters of water. This volume does not include soups, juices, tea and other beverages. Water cleanses our body, removes excess salt. Constipation, gastritis, heartburn, arthritis of the joints - the result of a lack of water in the body. Try to develop a habit: getting up in the morning, immediately drink 1-2 glasses of water. After 10-15 minutes you can start breakfast.

Tonus all day

No one disputes the role of hardening. But not everyone has the opportunity and time, someone does not allow health, someone just is not ready for it. Not everyone can plunge into cold water or run barefoot in the snow. Replace the hardening with a douche. The value of the contrast soul is huge.

A contrast shower strengthens the walls of blood vessels, increases blood circulation, resulting in stagnation of blood. Metabolism is activated, the immune system is strengthened. The skin becomes more elastic and taut, toxins are removed through the pores of the skin. A contrast shower charges the body with energy for the whole day.

Compliance with these simple and effortless rules will make your life more vivid and full.