How to get a credit card

Determine which type of credit card is more profitable for you. Cards differ in methods of obtaining and paying a loan, the availability of a grace period, bonuses for use. Cards are ordinary and revolving credit cards. Revolving as debt repayment provides self-renewing loan. That is, you have the opportunity to receive new loans during the whole term of the card, while you are still paying off the old debt. A regular credit card does not offer this feature. A credit card may also have a grace period during which no interest is charged on it. Different banks provide different terms of the grace period, usually it lasts from 21 to 60 days. Some credit cards provide for the return of part of the money (about one percent) back to the customer’s account.
Collect the necessary documents to conclude an agreement with the bank. Banks have serious requirements for customersThe main ones are: the presence of citizenship of the Russian Federation, permanent registration in the region in which you receive a loan, and stable earnings.
To get a credit card, you must come to the bank with a passport and a second identity document (proof of compulsory pension insurance, driver's license or passport). Fill out the application form for issuing a credit card.
The bank will consider your application within 1-5 days, in case of a positive decision, you will be given a card. Keep in mind that if you want to get a significant limit on the card, you will need to provide an income statement.
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The bank has the right to refuse to issue a credit card if:
- you have a bad credit history;
- you do not have a permanent registration in this region;
- You have worked in last place for less than 6 months;
- your age is less than 22 or you are over 65;
- you provided false information.