How to fuck my wife?

In almost every family, a crisis comes sooner or later, and it is often associated with sexual problems. Spouses are less and less likely to make love, their relationships are heating up, and eventually deteriorate altogether. Therefore, many husbands are wondering how to fuck a wife in order to satisfy both their desire and the desire of their spouse, even if hidden. But the answer to this question cannot be unambiguous and depends on the level of trust in the couple, on the preferences of the husband and wife in sex and on how open they are with each other.

How to persuade a wife to have sex if she does not want

When a wife regularly shies away from marital debt, this, of course, upsets her husband. The reasons for lack of desire can be many, and the most popular are fatigue and monotony in bed.

First of all, if a husband wants his wife, he should try to understand the reason for her stable refusals. If the reason is tired, you should help her with chores, more often to take care of children. If the reason is the monotony in bed, you can try to arrange a romantic dinner, get her a massage, take a bath together, or try new poses in bed.Try to call your wife to a frank conversation, to understand the reason for reluctance to have sex, how you can try to solve this problem.

Often wives refuse husbands of sex because they do not have the satisfaction of sexual intercourse. If your wife is against sex for this reason, then study our article “How to satisfy your wife, in it you will find useful recommendations that will help you deliver a true pleasure to your spouse.

In severe cases, when the wife wants sex morally, but not physically, you should contact a psychologist and sexologist. It is with this problem that husbands whose wives have recently given birth often face.

The main thing to remember is that you can't fuck your wife against her will, it will be considered rape, and such sex will not lead to anything good - on the contrary, there is a great chance that it will end in divorce.

But what to do if the wife agrees to regular sex and at the same time is categorically against trying something new in bed? Let's talk about this in more detail.

How to persuade a spouse to experiment in bed

For some women, anal or oral sex is something horrible and forbidden.Moreover, most of them secretly want to try something new, but everything is not solved.

If we are talking about oral sex, then the easiest way is to give your wife pleasure first, in this way, while it is desirable that she has an orgasm. Along the way, it is worth explaining to her that there is nothing terrible or shameful about such sex. You should never force or force a spouse to blow job. You can just tell her that with such caresses she gives you great pleasure and you really like to look at how she caresses you. It would not be superfluous to say that at such moments she looks especially sexy and desirable.

Much more difficult to persuade his wife to have anal sex. If you want to fuck your wife in the ass, then first of all you should figure out how she herself relates to this kind of sex. Often, women immediately refuse proposals of this kind, only their desire does not disappear. Therefore, all that remains for the husband is to do so that the spouse herself wants new sensations.

Many wives consider him a dirty, shameful and unworthy occupation. To this is added the fear of pain or dirt during the act.If you want not just to fuck your wife in the ass, but also to give her pleasure, then you need to be patient, lubricant and a condom. A woman needs to be prepared and strongly excited, you can caress her anus with her tongue and fingers, slowly pushing her finger inside. In this case, all movements must be gentle, soft and neat. And if you are a husband without complexes, then you can show your wife that you also caress yourself this way. It should be remembered that to persuade his wife to engage with you in anal sex can only be if awaken in her a strong sexual desire.

How can I fuck a sleeping or drunk wife

Another sexual fantasy of many men is sex with a sleeping wife, while some of them dream of fucking not just a sleeping, but also a drunken spouse. If you ever thought about how to fuck a sleeping wife, then remember that the most optimal pose for foreplay will be on the side. In this case, the body of the woman will be as relaxed as possible. It is best to wake her with gentle caresses, and only then to move from foreplay to sex.

It is much easier to fuck a drunken spouse, especially if she is sleeping.Here, in principle, you can try and the missionary position, and the position of "fish", and, again, on its side. But speaking about how to fuck a drunken wife, it is worth understanding that the movements must be careful so as not to harm the spouse. And it is better to refrain from sex if you are not sure that your spouse will react positively to this.

You can endlessly talk about how to fuck his wife. However, nobody is better than her husband anyway can know how to do it. Only he is familiar with the desires, inclinations and sexual fantasies of his wife.