How to flash Galaxy Note?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
January 26, 2015
How to flash Galaxy Note?

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How to flash Galaxy Note?

Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the top Korean device manufacturers, but even this device can fail to work as a result of installing third-party applications by the user, as well as surfing the network without antivirus. To get rid of this kind of problems will always help flashing. This article will tell you how to flash Samsung Galaxy Note.


Before flashing:

  • backup all important files;
  • charge the smartphone battery to maximum;
  • Download - a special program for firmware on your PC.

Install firmware

  1. Turn off the smartphone.
  2. Clamp the key combination "Power" + "HOME" + "Volume Down", hold until the inscription "Downloading" appears.
  3. We connect the device to the PC using a microUSB cable.
  4. Open the Odin program, click on the PDA menu and tick the ONE Package window.
  5. When one of the windows of the program is highlighted in yellow, press the Start button - the firmware process will begin.
  6. The firmware process can take up to 10 minutes, after which the mobile device will automatically load.

As you can see, the work is quite simple, but it should be done carefully and carefully, so that instead of a refreshed and more nimble device you should not get a “brick”.