How to find out what a husband is cheating on?

In most cases, the wife is the last to know about her husband's betrayal. So that the news does not become unexpected, and friends and relatives did not whisper behind their backs, you should pay attention to the behavior of your spouse. How to learn that the husband changes, it will be possible to read below.

How to find out if a husband is cheating

There are quite a few signs of betrayal of her husband, the main thing is to notice them in time, then you will be able to overcome your opponent. Of course, you should not cheat yourself, but you still need to be vigilant.

We check the husband's phone

Pay attention to how often your husband leaves to talk on the phone in another room. If this happens quite often, then ask who called him. In case of infidelity of the spouse he will not give the normal answer. In this case, it is necessary to check his phone for the presence of compromising SMS. Of course, a cautious person removes them immediately after reading, but there are some mistakes, so you should check your mobile. You can also take a printout of calls from the mobile operator, perhaps there will be able to find confirmation of their suspicions.


When a man has a new passion, he begins to carefully look after himself.He buys himself new clothes, preen up in front of the mirror for half an hour, corrects any little thing, buys a new perfume. Many even sign up to the gym to look more attractive. The latter should be alerted immediately, especially if before that the husband has not been seen practicing physical culture.

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Outflow of money from the family

Pay attention to spending your spouse. As a rule, after the appearance of a mistress, you can see that money is leaving the family. The husband appears spending, which he can not clearly explain. But this is quite understandable: you need to bring a mistress into a restaurant, give at least a bouquet of flowers.

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Sexual cooling

A typical sign of her husband's adultery is sexual cooling. You will immediately notice that intimacy occurs between you much less often, the spouse began to hint less of her, and passion will diminish noticeably.Try to seduce him by hinting that you have not had sex for a long time; as a rule, in case of adultery, the husband will refer to fatigue and a hard day. In this case, you can almost say that the spouse has another woman and, perhaps, your marriage will come to an end.

Delays at work and travel

When a husband changes, he is often delayed at work, and also travels on short trips. If you ask him about the reason for the delay, he will be nervous, and this will give himself away. And if you call him at this time, then his phone will be disconnected or he simply will not pick up the phone. To make sure of the lie or truthfulness of the words of your spouse, you can think of a reason to call his colleague and in between times ask about the processing.