How to enable bluetooth windows 8

Julia Agafonova
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How to enable bluetooth windows 8

If your laptop has a built-in Bluetooth module or an adapter for a personal computer, you can successfully use it. A few tips for those who do not know how to turn on bluetooth Windows 8.

How to turn on Bluetooth Windows 8?

To enable Bluetooth on Windows 8, you must:

  1. Run the key combination Windows + C ("window" + C).
  2. In the window that appears, select "Settings" (Settings).
  3. At the bottom, find the button �Change PC settings� (Change PC settings) and click on it.
  4. In the menu on the left, select "Wireless Network" (Wireless).
  5. Under the heading "Wireless Devices" (Wireless Devices) find the slider responsible for bluetooth. Turn it to the right, to the �On� state.

On some laptops or netbooks, you can turn on bluetooth with a combination of two keys - Fn and one more (F2, F5, etc.). (Wi-Fi is also turned on.) The key should have a Bluetooth icon. Do not find - read the documentation. If there is no such button, turn on the bluetooth as described above.

How to find a phone via Bluetooth?

To check, you need to select the �Devices� tab in the menu on the left, find and add a device on which bluetooth should also be enabled.You will need to enter the code, for example on the phone, and wait until a window opens from which you can manage its data.

If Bluetooth does not turn on

If the Bluetooth slider is not in the Wireless Network window, it means that no drivers for this model are installed on the computer. You need to find them on the Internet, install and try again.