How to dry dogrose?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
March 26, 2015
How to dry dogrose?

Rosehip is a very useful berry, and its properties are so great that even dried fruit keeps them. Many doctors recommend drying the wild rose from the summer, and in the winter to brew it for prophylactic purposes to increase immunity. Especially recommended the use of broth from the hips during the cold season. Of course, when drying rose hips it is important to follow a number of rules, let's see how to properly dry rose hips.

How to dry dogrose correctly?

The classic method of drying rose hips is in a Russian stove at a temperature of 80-90 degrees, however, few today have houses with ovens. It is also a great option - drying in the attic (in this case, it is important to follow two rules - good ventilation and the absence of sunlight), however, not everyone has any attic.

The most suitable way for an average city dweller to dry a dog rose is to dry in the oven or simply in the oven. Fruits need to be evenly distributed on a baking sheet, set the temperature to 40-60 degrees and dry for about 7-8 hours.Periodically, the baking tray must be removed, shake the fruit and remove it back. The oven door should be kept slightly ajar, so that the moisture was where to evaporate.

After drying, the fruit should be put away in wooden or cardboard boxes and sealed for 2-3 days, after which you can shift the berries to the place of permanent storage.

By the way, it is possible to dry rose hips in special electric dryers for vegetables and fruits. It is very convenient, but usually less berries are placed in the dryer than in the oven.

How to store dogrose?

Ready-made fruit should be stored in well-ventilated containers in dark places, cloth bags are best suited. Glass jars are also not a bad option, just close them better not with a regular lid, but tighten them with gauze. In extreme cases, a plastic lid will do, but just make holes in it so that the fruit “breathes”.

Dried rosehips retain their useful properties for up to two years, but it is worth understanding that the longer the rosehip is stored, the less benefit remains in it.